Mussels, Features and Benefits

Mussels, Features and Benefits

What are the benefits of the mussel, the benefits of mussel weight loss, cancer and pregnancy?

What are the benefits of the mussel?

Mussels are found in sweet and salty water habitats. Among other soft players is a long and edible species like oysters. It is often attached to rocks washed by waves. It grows for one year until it comes to standard sizes to be sold in market sales. After Hasattan, foreign substances are being removed from the salt water reservoirs to be removed. If you buy a mussel, you must be sure that it is alive before you cook them. When his shells are touched, he gently closes himself.

The mussel is one of those with an impressive nutritional profile among shellfish. Highly desirable EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) chain fatty acids are contained at high levels. These oils have a number of benefits, such as improving brain function and alleviating inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. The mussel is also rich in vitamins. It can also supply important minerals such as zinc, which are necessary for the immune system. The iron and folic acid levels found in the midway are extremely valuable.

Mussel benefits health

Maintain bone health: When the infection stops, there is a very low risk of bone damage and bone deterioration. The mussel has a preventive activity in this regard. Due to its important organic compounds, minerals and vitamins, mussels, bones and teeth are strong.

Supports blood circulation: The maintenance of healthy and continuous blood flow is very important for the health of every system. The mussel is quite useful to prevent weakening of blood vessels, to improve energy levels and to improve healing speed. The mussel is rich in active ingredients and minerals that are effective in preventing the progression of heart attacks and atherosclerosis, helping to increase the power of the cardiovascular system.

It is good for the nervous system: The mussel has been shown to improve the function of the nerve cell, increasing muscle, tissue and bone sensitivity. In this case, it ensures that the nerves work properly. The developments in terms of energy levels, soul, skill and metabolism also reflect positively on nerve functions.

Alleviate joint pain: The natural omega 3 found in the mussel shows a soothing character in the inflamed joints, muscles and tissues. This can be beneficial for people with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus and severe joint pain. It also helps lung tissue to recover normal respiratory ability. Thus, asthma, chronic bronchitis and respiratory problems can also be effective for those with.

Supports heart health: A mussel with a low saturated fat ratio and a high omega 3 ratio is useful for maintaining healthy heart health. The American Heart Association has stated that mussels are good for heart health because they contain omega-3 fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids reduce the risk of heart attack and sudden death. By promoting blood circulation, it reduces the risk of developing triglycerides and fat levels as well as normal heartbeats.

Good for blood production: The mussels are particularly recommended because they are an excellent source of iron. Thanks to its iron content it plays an important role in the production of red blood cells. In this case, oxygen is involved in the formation of hemoglobin and myoglobin. Anemia can cause low energy and shortness of breath. Consumption of mussels is an iron supplement that prevents these situations.

Support skin health: Like many sea products, mussels also revitalize and revitalize skin cells. Inflammation is one of the causes of skin aging. The mussel has anti-inflammatory properties. Mussels containing omega-3 fatty acids are also very beneficial for skin health. It also removes zinc deficiency, one of the causes of psoriasis and eczema. The skin slows down the aging process and increases skin elasticity.

Supports dental health: If the mussel is consumed regularly, it can be very useful for improving the health of the teeth and gums. Mussels recommended to be consumed by many dentists can help repair gum problems such as bleeding in the gums. The mussel provides the support needed to enclose the dental tissues and mouth bones.

It strengthens the immune system: When the mussel is consumed regularly, it greatly strengthens the immune system of the person. It supports the body against both bacterial and viral infections. The mussel accelerates the formation of antibodies and improves immunity. Thus, it provides for the rapid healing of injuries.

Good for pregnancy: Mussels are recommended by pregnant women by health professionals. Before pregnancy, it is thought to increase fertility. It is said that in women, cervical mucus helps by increasing viscous viscosity. Apart from that, it increases the seminal fluid viscosity in men.

Reduces cholesterol: Sea foods like mussels are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can lift off the bad cholesterol in our bodies. This is especially useful for healthy heart protection. The mussel is a supporter in the prevention of fat accumulation in the arterial walls that can cause a heart attack.

Supports thyroid health: The mussel is useful for controlling the secretion of thyroid hormone by selenium abundance. Selenium is necessary to produce seleno-proteins in the thyroid gland called controller enzymes. This helps prevent thyroid problems from occurring in our bodies.

Supports eye health: Seafood is useful for eye health. The mussel contains vitamins that nourish and rejuvenate the eyes. Thus, our vision can be clear and sharp. People wearing eyeglasses need to consume more mussels to improve their vision. The mussel, which can prevent night blindness, is perfect for healthy eyes.

It helps to lose weight: Mussels consumption on a regular basis is useful for trying to lose weight. It is high in iodine which can be effective for burning unwanted calories in the body. This iodine is also helping to increase metabolism by regulating thyroid hormones, which are helping to remove excess fat and calories.

Mussel’s damages

Although the mussel has impressive utility, it should be used with caution. It may cause some side effects. People who are susceptible to midi usually experience diarrhea, excessive gas, or stomach ailments. The mussel added to the diet program during pregnancy due to the high vitamins and minerals it contains sometimes also causes complications. For this reason, it is beneficial to avoid mussel consumption during pregnancy. As always, you should talk to an educated health professional before making major changes to diet programs.

Some times of the year you should avoid fresh mussels. There are red tides on the sea shores in hot months. They cause toxic planktonic organisms to be dangerous and poisonous. Dinoflagellates cause red tides that do not harm mussels but can harm people. Too much mussel consumption can cause serious illnesses such as paralytic poisoning.


Mussels are undoubtedly one of the healthy seafood. However, there are conditions to be considered during the preparation and consumption of mussels. Seafood such as mussels are prone to bacterial contamination. For this reason, only live and fresh mussels should be preferred. Dead and stale mussels must be avoided because they break down quickly.

  • You can prepare mussels with smoked, roasted, boiled, steamed or with barbecued butter or vegetable oils.
  • If you want to prepare the protein source as a food, you can try adding curry.
  • You can offer it with pasta dishes. Mussels are very suitable for macaroni along with white sauces, red sauces and fresh vegetables.
  • If you want a protein-filled snack, you can prepare sofas by placing them on small breads.
  • For a spicy taste, you can cook with garlic, pepper and coconut milk.
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