Men Find Most Attractive Women in the 7 Difference

Men Find Most Attractive Women in the 7 Difference

Men Find Most Attractive Women in the 7 Features

men of different details in contrast to the known research on interviews with men if they were actually something that affects most. Men are affected by what at first glance to women? How do you leave your impact on it which feature in the first meeting? A good tip we gave up and with different effects you can create a contrast to the low-cut on them. And find attractive in women and men at work and in the first moments after the 7 feature.

1- Brown Hair Color

A blonde woman, not between men no longer have the greatest impact properties. When asked to clarify men and women say more natural and aesthetic appearance they prefer brown hair.

2- Clean, bright and white teeth

Yellowed and who likes the bad-looking teeth? at first glance, and one thing that catches the eyes of women teeth in the speech of men. Clean, bright and white teeth where they found most attractive females. But the moment you get away from whiter teeth extreme natural mind also is known to be the driving contrary.

3- Red lipstick

Years passed, it does not change the fact that the red lipstick charm. plump lips red lipstick showing that among the things found most attractive by men in a woman.

4- Impressive and smoky voice

Every woman has a unique structure and tone appropriate to the structure. In research done on men, women and steamy sounds impressive to have a ton of them seduces the most important factor. New era Avoid artificial speech and make Efforts to improve your diction.

5- Less Makeup

More makeup can be effective at first glance, but maybe you do not know exactly what kind of effect. When asked, 93% of men say that a woman’s extreme makeover suit. Naturalness has always been more impressive and positive in terms of the continuation of the relationship.

6- Women’s Long Sleeve

We were also very surprised but it toward long-sleeved women are affected more than men in the survey results. If you want to run long muscles and muscles of our plates can have a longer view.

7- Sincere and friendly Smiles

Brilliant, is not a man to be affected by the friendly and sincere smile of a woman with white teeth, I guess. Do not hide your smile is the most beautiful thing befitting a woman laugh.

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