Married woman waits what behaviors from her husband


Dear friends, has always been the subject of curiosity. What women do in marriages. What women want when they’re married. People’s requests are unlimited. But I will explain it in a reasonable and logical way, based on my accumulation. Of course, these behaviors must be mutual. Marriage is an institution seeking sacrifice.

1- First of all, love, respect, warmth waits. Only behavior is not enough. It is important for women to complete their behavior. Of course, these behaviors must be mutual.

2- She gets upset that her husband walks in and out of the door, and she’s always up his face. Of course, the time of man does not fit in time. After a very busy and stressful day, you can reflect this to your testimony. But this is the same every day, on the woman.

The same applies to working women as men and housewives, not only for men. Stress, fatigue and consequence can emerge. You need to understand that. Not every day.

3- To be appreciated about the food, waits to be called health. But this should not be the end of the world if it is forgotten from time to time.

4- She wants to feel very special by her husband. It is this behavior that makes the woman most happy. The woman who realizes that she is loved and appreciated is truly sacred.

5- She wants to feel the power of her husband. I’m not saying that in material terms. This is a different subject. First of all, it requires confidence. No matter how strong a woman is in every sense, the trust of her husband will give her separate peace. She wants to feel her presence.

6- Even though his wife is a part of the housework, he wants his wives to help them. Because housework is monotone, actualities and routineities can squeeze and overwhelm women.

His wife waits for him to help him as long as possible. She doesn’t want her to do housework every day with her, of course.

7- He expects his wife to help him with the children. Their education and care is a great responsibility in itself. Women should not be alone in this long marathon.

8- I want her husband tidy, leaving her shredded, everything in a way dumped, I think, disrespectful to the woman. The number of gentlemen who say what the job is, is not small. However, he should collect his own personal belongings, at least to help his spouse.

9- He wants to chat. For this very important woman. When the evening comes home, after the work is done, everyone is on one side, no sharing, the woman watches TV, her husband reads the newspaper opposite the TV.

How far is this? The source of noncommunication begins here. While chatting, home-related chats, accounts, books happen naturally. But sometimes you dive into the past.

Dive into the memoirs, dive into the first years of your child’s first infancy. Make chats, create an emotional environment where your ties are strong. Yesterday, she remained. We live on this day, those who say we are struggling with bread are justified, but don’t get stuck. Strengthen your bonds of love so that you can fight life together. Don’t be a desert man, gentlemen.

10- Women are more delicate than men, more fragile, more emotional. If you act like her to be normal, she will be very hurt. If he always behaves this way, he will not forget it.

You lose your heart. Not easy to win. And if it be that, give him gifts at times if he is half-an apple. The important thing is to be remembered. Try not to forget your special days. Usually, gentlemen forget. But try not to forget as much as possible.

11- Marriage in the woman what to expect, what you want to make a distinction does not actually. Both sides have their wishes and expectations. The important thing is to take care of them. The behaviors that monotonize and make the marriage ordinary are not unilateral. We need to make mutual efforts.

As a lady, I dealt with the issue of what women want. But I think it is usually men who take marriage away from emotion. Because they break the spell quickly in the early days, they turn into habit.

Instead of dive into the past, travel back to the past, remember the infancy of their children, feel the feeling of feeling fresh, rather than creating an environment of their own, they always talk about their jobs, troubles, stresses.

Of course, talk about these things, but the time of everything is separate. Move away from selfishness, gentlemen. Do not create troublesome accumulations, accumulate and accumulate in the souls of women, then you will never win their hearts.

12- In short, gentlemen, treat both your wife as your wife and your lover. This thin line is very important.

Wives always complain about their wives, who are aggressive and constantly behave. This situation is really high. The more angry an enraged, dourful spouse thinks about everything, the opposite of that, they complain about the gentlemen, who never say anything, do not interfere in anything, say yes to everything.

You know, you say whatever you want, whatever you want to wear, the gentlemen has been the subject of complaint. Want to be restricted by a woman, want to be jealous, want to feel precious, want to feel his wife. So you need to adjust the dose of everything.

Unless the majority of these or similar expectations of women, their spouses, are realized, the woman becomes emotional over time. He begins to express this with words to his wife. However, men are disturbed by their wives’ speeches. They say you talk a lot.

Capricorn considers it to be angry. However, this is the expression of the disappointment of women for years. Gentlemen, they consider this to be whimsical, subtle, and cranky.

These adversities and ties accumulate in the marriages that continue in the years to come and they even break. There’s nothing left to do now. Whatever you do, your partner’s savings have fallen into his heart, he is offended by you, it is difficult to erase the marks. The most ideal is to take care of from the very beginning.

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