Losses of hair dyes

Losses of hair dyes

In general, one of the greatest wishes of all ladies is to look good. For this reason, the ladies who do not like their appearance, apply to different ways. One of these ways is hair coloring. Hair dyes are used to close whites in the hair, darken or open the hair color. Sometimes depression, stress, such as the elements of women’s hair coloring or paint is causing.

Although the right choice of hair dyes will change the person entirely in appearance, the wrong choices can take a long time to get rid of the final dyed. In this long process, the hair may encounter the danger of wearing out. Experts have pointed out that damage caused by the type of paint varies depending on the type of paint. That is to say, the effect of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent dyeing is different. The hair tends to be worn by permanent hair dyes that are most damaging to the hair. The reason is that the permanent dye penetrates into the hairline. In case of temporary hair coloring this situation is not encountered. But whatever happens, the hair is damaged because there are pigments that change the hair color in both temporary and permanent hair dye types. Now let’s take a look at the damage of the hair color.

What Damages Do Hair Paints Have

  • Continuous hair dyeing causes hair to wear out and over time to peel off.
  • As it contains chemicals, hair dyes increase the risk of cancer of the lymphoma.
  • It can cause allergic diseases of various kinds.
  • It can lead to edema on the face and eyes.
  • Hair can cause a wound on his / her diploma.
  • The hair can have negative consequences such as excessive dandruff.
  • Overexposure of the hair can cause the hair to bleach before time.

    Despite such damages, women often do not give up the use of paint without thinking about the content of the hair dye and the harm it gives the hair with the chemicals it contains. So let’s look at how the damage caused by the paint can be reduced.

    Reducing Hair Damage

  • When taking hair dye, semi-permanent hair dyes should be preferred. These hair dyes mite after 15-20 washings and the hairs are less damaging than the other dyes.
  • The hair coloring frequency is less than one year or 6 months when the hair shows less wear.
  • You can apply natural hair care cursors or masks to wear your hair twice a week to relieve some of the dullness of the paint and to restore your self.
  • Hair stylers should not be used immediately after hair coloring. Can be used after at least three weeks. You can also get the most out of hair-stylists by taking protection against heat for your hair in cosmetics.
  • For your hair health, you can get vitamin supplements in consultation with your doctor and have a positive effect on your hair health.

    Natural Products in Hair Painting

    If you have a question or problem about hair loss, but you still want to dye your hair, you can choose natural hair coloring. To distinguish these non-chemical dyestuffs, it is necessary to check whether they are approved by ethics and Bdih. Also, natural dyes do not turn hair color.

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