Loss Technology Benefits and What?

Loss Technology Benefits and What?

What are the benefits of technology? What are the dangers of technology? In the event the benefits and harms of materials technology. What are the environmental problems posed by technological development?

Today, every day rapidly developing technology that simplifies our lives from one side on the other hand is a major threat to human health and the natural environment. natural resources as a result of the development of the technology being used in more and more unconscious than in the past and is quickly running out. Plants and animals are also affected by these problems brought about by the technology.

Benefits of the Technology Provide people

■ Created new jobs.

■ It increased the production of goods and services.

■ They provide a higher standard of living.

■ reducing the need for manpower.

■ It has expanded its range of use of natural resources.

■ Production has increased the use of the machine.

Damages Ver Technology

■ Environmental problems occurred.

■ Unemployment has increased.

■ It began to run out of natural resources.

■ Social and psychological problems has increased.

■ Natural resources with the development of technology has been used ever pretends to be exhausted. For example; Before the destroyed forest land using an ax, with advanced technological tools today are unplanned and brutally destroyed. As a result of this nature arise some problems.

Reveal the Environmental Problems of Technological Developments

One of the environmental problems posed by technological advances in pollution. Impact of environmental pollution on people’s land, water and air, physical, chemical, biological and geological features are the changes occurring. Whatever the reason for the occurrence and source contamination adversely affects the environment and human health. The main types of pollution are:

1-) Water Pollution: Water pollution occurs more quickly than other types of pollution. In water pollution, such as factories and waste pesticides are factors such as oil spills.

2-) Soil Pollution: Factors that make up the causes of water pollution due to soil contamination. Soil pollution in the life of living as well as reduce agricultural productivity endangers.

3-) Air Pollution: One of the major problems today is the air pollution. Factory chimneys, exhaust gases from cars are the main cause of air pollution. Air pollution in Los Angeles and London as examples of air pollution can be given. fossil fuels type of air pollution in London, and Los Angeles-type exhaust gas air pollution as a cause shown.

4-) Radioactive Pollution: Uranium and thorium are natural resources used in nuclear power plants. Nuclear test explosion of the nuclear power plants or nuclear weapons use affects the health give live, the effect is felt for a long time a human disaster.

5-) Food Contamination: storage of nutrients in appropriate circumstances with other types of pollution revealed food contamination.

6-) Noise pollution: The increased use of technology has revealed the noise pollution. Transportation vehicles, construction equipment, rain, lightning, natural and human events such as the wind causes noise pollution. For example, airports or sitting in close proximity to rail lines that are affected by noise pollution due to transport.

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