Loss of perfume and deodorant

Loss of perfume and deodorant

What are the effects of perfumes and deodorants?

It is a very profitable door for the cosmetics world, although the main elements of being generally well-groomed and a very important issue, “every fragrance smell” is a very profitable door, depending on the ecological condition of the planet we live in and the skin sensitivity of the human body. In addition to the benefits for the situation, it also provides damage.

Although both women and men are surrounded by fragrances and deodorants to spread a pleasant smell, to prevent sweat, or to suppress other smells, it is not logical at all. In fact, the good smell that is at its core is acceptable for reason, but in order to provide this beauty, the boundaries can be overdone too much and cause bad results.

If we give an example to this situation; the use of too much perfume and deodorant around the world causes very serious processes such as thinning or puncturing of the ozone layer in the short run. Moreover, while harming the ecological balance on the one hand, the person poisoned his own skin structure, causing a lot of side effects.

What are the losses of poor quality fragrances and deodorants?

When we start with the harmful effects created by deodorants first, these products appear to have side effects, especially when the poor quality of the products is completely burned in the body, pruritus and redness. However, perfumes and allergy products made from the worst quality products are the most damaging to the ozone layer in the first place.

Because these products contain chlorofluorocarbon gas that will cause the ozone layer to break through. This, in turn, has the extra effect that people using poor quality perfume can observe in themselves; care must be taken when using and knowing that it causes effects such as sneezing, tearing, coughing, earache and tinnitus, headache, nausea and severe symptoms such as shortness of breath and unconsciousness.

How should perfume and deodorant be used?

Experts’ common views on the subject can be summarized as follows;

Firstly, the common view of each expert is that perfume or deodorant should never be applied to a superficial skin structure. Because when the body is in this state, when the perfume is squeezed into sweaty regions, tendine bacteria, it is quite possible that the pests will recur.

However, it is not right to apply perfume on complex garments. This is the problem of spotting on clothing.

It is recommended that you use a perfume or deodorant to make the cuts at least 20 centimeters away. The reason is that the perfume has spread over a wider area and is automatically said to smell even more.

If the perfume and deodorant are squeezed, they should be squeezed immediately after the blanket in terms of the best fragrance release. The pores are clear and your skin is pure, so you can feel better.

It is also quite harmful to squeeze perfume while doing sports or heavily sweating. Because this process both creates an opportunity for the creation of harmful substances at your disposal and also causes you to smell heavier than your sweat. The foremost right that most people forget is that no perfume scent or deodorant scent will suppress the sweat of people’s sweat.

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