Loss of panga fish

Loss of panga fish

Panga fish homeland of Vietnam is. Vietnam is a freshwater fish living in inland waters. Low in fat, white meat is a delicious fish-like shrimp taste. In the US market in recent years it has largely been a successful market, although this success was short somehow. some negative rumors among people between the market rate of panga fish is rumored to be lowered significantly.

The rumor that the prohibition is not true in Europe and America. They are no longer just consumers in Europe and the United States suffer from the panga fish. Therefore, the consumption rate has dropped.

loss of panga fish has not been proven. Only among the people, grown in the dirty river in Vietnam and found the body of chemical waste and toxins on rumors that includes many of the research needs to be done.

Panga fish on the loss of some of the rumors among the people;

● Structure in high levels of poisonous toxins and bacteria to host,
● That industrial substances such as arsenic poison hosted in-house,
● They are grown in polluted waters is frozen,
● weight they carry no nutritional benefits to the human body,
● Fish for grown away from their natural environment, they may be hormonal,
● Even being injected the hormone derived from the urine may be pangas,

As the truth of certain rumors which are not known lifes. But still, we think that the panga fish fillet image of attractive prices and the need to be fooled too much.

Particularly France and other European countries are now very much support the panga fish consumption. Both the price of the abandonment by the manufacturer is preferable to the other fish in the market, as well as essential by consumers has led to the formation of the possibility of truth and claims mentioned above.

We advise you of the best, you have to eat fish, you know anyway.

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