Long and Happy Life 7 Secret

Long and Happy Life 7 Secret

People in the hectic pace of life take its time to get some, they devote their lives to a better quality of life. Five minutes to spare myself in an intense pace of work and work it out for ourselves, even if we have to spend. Our quality of life, but may be increased in this way.

In recent years, personal development experts, psychologists and psychiatrists answers to these questions.

How do I live a happier and healthier, better quality of how I still get my life…

Each expert response to this question further.

And the answer to this problem based on the fact that people can not be limited to changing the list with only 7 or 10.

It takes the form of a book.

1. Do everything you can to be happy. Something that makes you happy to get your friend.

2. Do not install anything on your head.

3. Listen to music, dance, sports, and do not say loudly singing; Do not forget to drink plenty of laughter.

4. Eat your food, taking care of the health condition that allows the hormone of happiness. For example; Eat chocolate, but do not exaggerate. Then I will be happy to be your health.

5. Take a stroll outdoors, take in the sea air, soak up the fresh air.

6. Eat vegetables.

7. Tell your friends do not throw anything in your house or your close family. If you can not if you do not keep logs.

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