Lion Sex


(July 23 – August 22)

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Sex / Sexual Life

A loving, warm and friendly lion is a master at love games. It does not hesitate to show her love, to exhibit her fervent fervor in sexual dimension, but to always be in the hands of the thorns. The energetic nature of sexuality is one of the cornerstones of life. The lion, ruled by the Sun, has a charismatic structure that is extremely attractive, sexually. It is not enough just for the lion’s partner to be important. He wants to be single and dominate the relationship. However, the monogamy and understanding he expects from him, he usually responds with polygamy behavior.

The lion, who has deep feelings, moves quickly in sexuality and does not hesitate to take the first step. Especially self-confident lions never consider the possibility of the other side refusing them. But the slightest negative reaction causes it to break seriously and turn itself. Once you have taken the initiative, if you take the no answer, you will never approach that person again.

There is a belief that the people who are with them are special, lucky and even elected. So, in sexuality, this is “sensitive” and “thoughtful” to the “chosen” person. When they are together, they see their own strength, their own strength and their own irresistibility. As in all areas of your life, you have to obey the same person in your sexual life. Resisting the demands plays an important role in the escape of all the pleasure and desire.

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