Lion Money


(July 23 – August 22)

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It is almost impossible to save money for the lion, who loves luxury, likes to show off. However, the lion who loves the power is trying to preserve the standard as much as possible because he perceives the money as a means of power. She hates to be in need of herself, though she does not help all those who need it. In this case, even the nearest of the lion’s request for help is almost equivalent to losing his life. The lion, who holds his honor and power in front of everything, loves to take risks and behaves naturally. Thus, gambling or luck games can be listed as the major disadvantages that shake the financial position.

The lion, who is very vulnerable to his children, tries to do what they want, using whatever material he or she has. It acts in this way because it thinks that the people who are with him are always worthy of the best in condition. This is a feature that begins with the feeling of the situation even when it is not available. Therefore, the lion family is the last to learn the bad situations and experiences great shocks. The lion, who does not allow anyone to put his hand in his pocket while he is with his friends, may be late to realize that sometimes he is abused financially. As the need to be respected and appreciated is intense, you will feel sorry for yourself when you are free and refrain from entering into social exchanges.

The lion, who is a natural risk lover, is successful in the stock market and other speculative areas. However, especially after successful steps, do not hesitate to take extreme risks, not knowing to pull the edge, also causes the edge of the cliff to be seen. The real estate stock exchange and the gold stock exchange are areas where the lion can be successful. Apart from that, investing with precious stones and mines will be a suitable choice for the lion.

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