Lion Love


(July 23 – August 22)

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Lion likes compliments and admiration. The best way to win a lion is to tell him his superior side again. Under this proud person appearing on the surface, there is a structure that is very sensitive and easily affected. Therefore, feeding the lion’s ego, enjoyment, appreciation, openly expressing emotions, helps facilitate the beginning of unity. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that everything is the best and beautiful in order to win the lion’s trust and taste in the first meeting. The lion, who thinks she deserves the best, can not be happy with anything ordinary. Intelligent, creative people who can enter into controversy in intellectual affairs affect the lion. But you should always remember that you like to share the ideas of the lion, but you will not easily give up on your own ideas.

The lion likes to assume the leadership role. It is an ideal match for a busy and exciting relationship. There is also an attitude that is jealous and wants to have it all, because it attaches importance to loyalty. A true lion remains loyal but always needs freedom to search for new adventures.

With lion bonus, creativity and sociability, the goblins are very attractive. But it is important to remember that he is king of the forests and will want to dominate. When the necessary conditions are met, it is very enjoyable to have a lifelong happy life with a loyal partner who is able to do everything for his partner, does not hesitate to show his love.

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