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(July 23 – August 22)

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The fire group and the fixed lion are fifth in the Zodiac. Life-style, vitality and warmth are the key words of lion character. Like the Sun in the center of the system, the lion burcu is primarily associated with the heart, which is regarded as the center of the body. The spinal cord, especially the dorsal region of the spinal cord, the heart-feeding coronary systems are also dominated by the lion’s nose.

The most common physical disorders of lions can be seen in various forms of heart disease. The lion should pay particular attention to various cardiac problems and spinal disorders. In addition to palpitations, high fevers, scrolls and hernias in the spinal cord, epidemics tend to be more prevalent than other signs. It is essential for the lion to live an average and regular life so that it does not devour the heart of a vital organ. Curiosity about fun and activity can cause extreme fatigue and bodily falls. From time to time, overworking, hard work, and stress of daily life can lead to a bad influence on the lion. It is one of the most important requirements for the lion to learn not to allow the areas of your life to be affected.

For the perfect health, the lion needs to be in harmony, order and humility in almost every aspect of his life, to stay away from anger and restlessness. While staying away from heat-providing, motivating foods, fat-free, low-cholesterol-free, blood-forming, nutritious calorie prioritization forms the basis of the diet.

Gold, rock crystals, diamonds, diamonds, amber auspicious mines and stones. Moving these things will provide confidence and calmness to the lion. Tea and medicines prepared with plants such as yellow, yellow daisy, yellow daisy, freesia, velvet flower, rosemary, sedum flower and saffron, which grow in yellow and red flowering, pleasant sweet and fragrant sunny places will bring health. Remarkable and modern outfits, including yellow and tones, help the lion feel better and relax.

The lion should choose the types of sports that will not overkill the heart but help to provide the necessary fitness. It is important to keep the tension under control in any kind of sports activities. Lion people are very successful and happy in all kinds of activities that require team sports, games and rules. Due to the effect of the opposing Aquarius, it should also be of particular importance to the circulatory system and the lower part of the legs.

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