Lion Gift Selection


(July 23 – August 22)

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Gift Selection

Lion Woman

Whatever you get for it, you should get the best, the most stylish, the best quality your pennies can afford. You can get a black evening dress or a gold glittery blouse and cardigan set. Silk will be fascinated if there is “La Perla” especially for satin lingerie. Two tickets for a stylish ballroom costume will be a gift for him. You can send two dozen red roses to a lion woman. With its stylish packaging, imported box chocolate or a basket of imported cheese, tea, jam mixes will be pleasing.

Whether you want to be a lion star, you can pick up a pair of glasses of your choice from him. Aquarius loves to wear fur on the contrary, and even a furry jacket will please him. You can present a stylish silk scarf, a crystal bottle for perfume, a gold-plated box for powder or an expensive fountain pen for writing love letters. You can get a tiny music set for the lion’s workplace that loves to listen to music while you work.

If you buy jewelry, you can choose necklaces and earrings or bracelets with diamonds. Make your favorite stone green.

Lion Man

You can taste the lion’s man with a bottle of French champagne and two crystal champagne glasses. The lion is crazy. You can be very pleased by taking plenty of caviar. You can surprise him by booking one of the best restaurants. If you can afford a limousine rental or helicopter tour for three to four hours, you might be fascinated by it.

It would be great if you were to be at the forefront of a musical or game. An accessory for the car or a new music set is a favorite gift. You can get him a box of cigars and a golden lighter. It will be a special gift if you print the initials on a silver box where you can put your business cards. The lion likes the original things that are rarely found, so he likes all kinds of art.

If you have a club that you want to be a member of, you can accumulate your money and make it a member. You can always get a computer game, Nintendo, Game Boy because you have a childish side.

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