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(July 23 – August 22)

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Diet & Fitness

The metabolic rate of the lion, a warm bush, is moderate. Despite the fever, the presence of constant quality causes the metabolism to remain at moderate levels. Frequent aerobic exercises and a low fat diet are essential to keeping the lion’s vital organs intact. Particularly in the name exercise halls, it is very pleasing to the lion to do sports in groups. In team games, especially when you are in a leadership position, you get serious satisfaction. In addition, a fitness program under the supervision of a private tutor and prepared entirely for itself is ideal for the lion. Also known as status sports, tennis and golf also enjoy the lion very much. The lion needs to strengthen his back, his spine, which is a delicate body part. Feathered walking or yoga exercises will be very convenient for this purpose. It is not outside, but with the yoga that you will do in your own privacy, the lion feels relaxed and regenerated seriously.

The lion, who likes to be served, prefers to eat outside. So this is the biggest influence on unhealthy feeding. Due to the nature of fast food is not very convenient. However, the love of entertainment, the inability to make an effort to make a meal sometimes leads to the inevitability of this method. The fact that the entertainment life is very preliminary, naturally, can lead to an increase in the consumption of alcohol, so a serious control mechanism is needed. Otherwise, you may experience obesity and other health problems that alcohol can cause.

The lion hates diseases because she feels weak, inadequate, and in need. The alternative medicine system known as Homeopathy is extremely suitable for protecting both the health of the lion and the diseases.

Also known as the “Carbohydrate Diet”, protein-intensive diets are ideal for the Lion. In particular, grilled meat should form the basis for the feeding of fish and chicken lion. Cheese and yogurt can also contain this diet without consuming any carbohydrates and sugar, the lion can lower the weight you want. However, this diet, which should not be done too long, should never be applied in later ages.

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