Lion Character


(July 23 – August 22)

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The lion, who is in the fifth position of the zodiac, is the fifth stage in the evolution of the human lifestyle and the advent of the cosmic position. The dominant motif in this is the development of human creative ability. Creativity for the lion is not only an emotional need, it is also the way to express yourself. The most distinctive expression of your individual, the lion, manifests itself as a combination of mind and mind. In the lion-like individuals, if the ego does not find its way out of expression, the form of expression turns inward and causes a self-centered, tyrannical character to be born. The lion is in search of consciously or unconsciously continuing attention and becoming a hero. The naturally lion, the lion, always has the danger of missing the opportunities and benefits that it will have in relation to the environment, because it is the best that it has done and is in the mind that it knows. The lion, which has emerged strongly in its image and creativity, is often successful in spending a lot of time in the theory.

The Leo is at least as resistant as the other fixed signs in the face of changes that he does not want or wants. But with the structure that instantly locks the target, does not hesitate to put the necessary energy and spirit, it usually achieves its purpose. Pushing a lion to the corner, or waiting for her ideas to change, is no more than anger and anger crisis. the lion’s ego is so strong that it will not return from its path, even if it knows it’s wrong, from its own idea. Learning to accept that you can make mistakes is perhaps the most important life need of the lion. This is a reluctance to abandon, because it appears as loyalty or patience in human relationships, it becomes a loved and sought after person. The symbol is like a lion, and he is the king of his own world.

Maybe it is impossible to forgive when hot approaches, loving kindness, honesty are abused or touched by person. The lion, who is interested in many subjects, starts talking, everyone gives the promise, but he wants to say the last word himself. The physical reactions of the lion are quite advanced. Without considering the practical side or value of what he does, he prefers to move past physical action before looking at what he is feeling emotionally and evaluating in a logical framework. The lion is satisfied because he likes to take risks and attract attention, attempting to do things that many people think will not succeed. The predisposition to exaggeration and extreme reactions leads to the fact that life is like living in a theater scene, loving the game. It is the inevitable routine of the everyday life of the lion to be in the crises that it has created from time to time and then to create a solution to itself.

The Sun, which is located in the center of the system, symbolizes egoyu and creativity, is also the ruler of the lion. With the influence of the sun, the lion is bound to a deep love of life and pleasures of life. A loyal attitude, the lion gets spiritual satisfaction from helping people in almost every way. Generosity, compassion, warmth and sincerity are integral parts of the lion character. The shining personality of the sun, the lion, is a society that is loved in the community, and can sometimes become the center of jealousy. The lion, who does not like to share his troubles and troubles, prefer to withdraw to his own privacy to keep his weak side out of sight. He enjoys being lazy at times with his funny, luxurious, loving love.

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