Lion Career


(July 23 – August 22)

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A safe, energetic, proud lion loves to be in the center, not to be noticed. Because the leadership feature is so strong, the team automatically catches up on their work. The risk-taking structure is fundamental to the fact that dangerous situations are occasionally born in business life. The need to be on stage is the main reason why people around him perceive Him as a model.

Since it fails to make itself unsuccessful and fails to make mistakes, it does all the energy it needs to do by working on the path it enters. The justice and bonus structure leads to the role of umpire in many business relations. Because loyalty is strong, he may want to work in the same company for many years. The lion, whose creativity is also strong, perceives every work and success as a work. There is no such luxury as losing the team that the lion is in or led by. Therefore, people who work with lions may experience serious problems if they do not perform adequately. Or, on the contrary, anyone who wants to be with the winner makes a special effort to work with the lion. The lion’s office is like a king’s room. The showy furnishings provide a lot of status quo. The lion enjoys all the achievements, the prizes, the sticks as well as the coach.

Whatever the sector, the lion is at the top, wants to be in the executive position and really does it successfully. But especially the entertainment sector, the stock market, the speculative field, the performing arts are arenas where the lion works with pleasure and success.

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