Libra Sex


(September 23 – October 22)

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Sex / Sexual life

Libra, dominated by Venus, is a natural end result of love affection and is also very important for sexual sharing. Libra, which has a natural grace, is always attractive for the opposite sex. Therefore, to satisfy the need for approval and liking, it never hesitates to use this feature.

Because it has a sophisticated aesthetic sensitivity, it is a master of love to beautify the environment, to make it comfortable and to make it feel special. It will not be possible to forget the livelihood adventure with Libra which uses all kinds of cosmetic materials to increase the sexual attraction power. Libra responds to the partner as much as he appreciates, loves and wants. So the search for equilibrium also manifests itself here. Rough behavior, publicity of your sexuality, aggression are enough reasons to get away from your Libra partner as soon as possible. In fact, although most people always need a wife, most of them have a polygamy structure. This sexual impulse is not due to gem, but rather from the intensity of desire and desire. The love book of Libra is also quite crowded, as everyone’s desire and liking play an important role in developing self-confidence. Libra, which attaches great importance to social sharing, needs to be in social sharing before it can take sexuality with a partner.

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