Libra Money


(September 23 – October 22)

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Libra, which is a balance element, needs financial stabilization in his life. Libra, who does not want to buy anything without negotiating, actually does this as a principle. Libra, ruled by the planet Venus of art and beauty, prefers to invest in precious stones, minerals, artworks and antiquity. Since the aesthetic value judgments are so strong, it is often seen that the works they have received have made a serious premium afterwards.

The Libra, which symbolizes the partnership, also benefits from mutual investments. In fact, he loves extremely bonkers and luxurious living, and he can spend his money for the person he is with without breaking his eyes to the last penny. There is always the possibility that when he is in love, he will completely lose control over financial matters. As social life is also very fond of it, both social spending and costume spending wander at high levels. Sometimes the struggle to keep up with the social life can cause big holes in his budget because he can not give up his need for belonging. Money spent in beauty and personal care centers is another serious expense.

In Libra life money is only a tool used to reach the beauty. Libra, which never makes money a goal, helps as much as he wants. He is abused many times by people around him, because he can not ask for the debt he owes because of his grace and grace. Since sharing is one of the basic requirements, it is also a common use of material resources.

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