Libra Horoscope

Libra Horoscope


(September 23 – October 22)

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Executive Planet: Venus
Element: Air
Quality: Pioneer
Lucky numbers: 6, 9
Day: Wednesday
Lucky stone: Opal, Emerald
Color: Blue, Purple
Tarot card: Lovers
Animal: Serpent, Lizard
Plant: Almond, cypress and ash, Rose
Valuable stone: The Dark Zafir, zebercet
Precious metal: Copper

Positive Features: Beauty, talented in fine arts. Sweetness. Compatibility. Grace. Romantic. Diplomatic. Fineness. Attractiveness. Idealist. Unbiased. Bona fide. Good partner. Good politician. Creative and attractive. Smart.

Negative Features: Unstable. Squeamish. Lightness. Variability. Philanderer. Imbalance. Deceptive formation. Laziness. Quick change of mind. Influence.

Libra Team Star (Astronomy)

In the constellation of Libra there are two main stars named Zuben al Ganubi and Zuben al Schemali. Hydra, or Serpent, is also located on this latitude. The first december in the south of the Burcun, the Crusis-Cross, the third decanter in the north, Corona Borealis-TaƧ. Among these, Lupus – wolf is located near the Balance.

Libra Female General Features

Libra is attracted by the charming, beautiful, aesthetic, vital and harmonious structure of the twisted woman. She enjoys having a pleasant conversation and exchanging ideas with people. It is good behavior and enjoys beauty very much.

The Libra woman, who is very developed in her understanding of beauty, has a unique style. He prefers to use self-righteous rather than follow-up fashion. He attaches great importance to material values because, according to him, material power is a means to achieve many beauty.

A scales woman who likes to be comfortable and enjoyable does not like to come forcibly. he is very pleased that everything is ready to be presented to him. It makes him more happy to deal with the aesthetic dimension of things rather than deal with heavy work.

Libra is a cheerful, sensitive and emotional woman. They interpret the events according to their own feelings. The important thing is how he feels. For this reason, it is practically impossible to know what is right. The scales that are fond of freedom do not like being restricted to women.

Libra is easily perceived by men because they have an irresistible appeal. If the scale woman believes that the other party loves herself, she will be an extremely loyal and sensual partner. For him, love is necessary in marriage and never maintains a relationship that is not loved or loved. The scales woman who does not like the irresponsibility constantly expects attention.

Libra is the perfect wife in marriage and will be fond of children. A scales woman who likes to share happiness will spread her love to family members in the most appropriate way and will not make them happy in this circle of love.

Libra Male General Features

Libra is notable for his unstable, emotional, romantic, optimistic and mild mannered man. He is a loved and sought after friend in society. It gives importance to mutual trust. Be honest and ask everyone to be.

Libra is a man who is curious and open to learning. He is a good speaker and easily influences people around him. Calmness and tranquility are very important to her and sudden emotional outbursts it. She likes to be well-maintained and cares more about cleanliness. He wants the people around him to be.

He likes to exchange ideas with his friends. Enjoying long and deep conversations. The sensitivity and the emotional direction always outweigh.

Libra is a man of the opposite sex, especially in relation to Cinste elegance, reason, logic and beauty. Hard-tempered women do not address her. When Libra falls in love with a man, he will be a fiery and loyal partner. Loyalty is very important to him.

The relationship of the libid man is long-lived. When he gets married he will be a respectful, loyal, thin-hearted and thoughtful wife. He loves children and will spend all his effort to be a good father.

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