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(September 23 – October 22)

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The first sign in the second half of the zodiac is the Libra in the Air element and the Leader quality. Compliance, desire for love and desire for balance can be counted as the most important features of the character of Libra, but fear alone must also be added. Venus, the ruling planet of the Libra, is responsible for the balanced functioning of the whole body’s hormone system. In addition, Venus plays a role in ensuring the homoestasis necessary for the body to carry on its vital activities, regardless of external conditions.

Libra manages the kidneys that carry out the process of filtering, filtering and purifying the lumbar body, especially the outsourcing function after measuring and evaluating the “unwanted stuff”. In connection with the kidneys, nephritis, urinary kidney neuralgia, Bright disease (chronic nephritis) and lumbago, weakness in the lower back, diseases in which Libra is most prone. Particular attention should be paid to the pain from the bottom of the back.

Taking into account this sensitivity of the body, it is beneficial to Libra, as a diet applied by balancing acidic and starchy foods with each other. It is also important to remember that in order to ensure proper functioning of the kidneys during feeding, the proper amount of liquid is not taken into account. Like the bull, the libra will bring home calm and emerald, pink quartz, coral, both calm and healthy, made from copper that will be found at home or used as jewelry. Preparing teas with sweet plants such as white flowering, smooth leaves, mint, musk, lavender, thyme, thyme, enamel, yarrow, gives spiritual calmness and bodily health.

Fabrics made from exquisite, natural materials, especially those with natural pastel colors, including silk and linen, help the Libra to be peaceful and happy. The physical activities that you can share with your partner, partner or friend at least as far as possible, helping to make Libra fit and healthy. Especially tennis, table tennis, two-person sports such as wall ball and mental sports such as chess, checkers, playing games will provide peace and tranquility. With the reflex effect of the opposite Aries, Libra must pay particular attention to the head area.

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