Libra Gift Selection


(September 23 – October 22)

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Gift Selection

Libra Woman

Libra quality jewelry and jewelery is very curious. You can buy her an elegant opal ring or a sapphire necklace. Libra woman’s social life is movement. If you get a small night bag, a silk shawl or a heeled night shoes, you will definitely use it often. It uses fragrance and perfumed body lotions as part of its charm. In the same way, she can not give up silk underwear. The champagne color silk will also go for a night. Because beauty and elegance planet is ruled by Venus, you will love fresh flowers.

Libra will enjoy a new accessory for the house. Libra’s metal is copper. Any copper object can be a mirror or an elegant clock, which can hang the wall. A stylish crystal vase that she can put roses will be a gift for her. He’s very interested in people, and if you decide to buy him a book, you should choose a biography. You can get internet access for a year because you love to chat online.

Libra Man

The Libra man, led by Venus, loves to listen to music. Keep your favorite groups in mind and get them from CDs you love. You can enjoy it by taking tickets to classical, jazz or rock music concerts. If you go out for dinner, a popular club where you can dance from behind will be a good choice. For the car you can get CD player or new speakers at home.

If you find a fresh, sexy male smell you will enjoy it. The social life of Libra is very active. The electronic calendar, such as a palmtop computer, will better organize your daily life.

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