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(September 23 – October 22)

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Diet & Fitness

The Libra metabolism of Venus-dominated planet of pleasure and comfort is slow. Libra, who cares about his body and physical appearance, gradually gains weight by his influence in his later ages, against good food. Sweets, chocolates and rare liquors, wines are the weakest point of Libra nutrition habits. For a long time depriving oneself of them will cause Libra to go out of the way and to consume more than normal. Therefore, the addition of a sweet or a good glass of wine or liquor to daily nutrition is important for the balance of Libra.

Libra, which is very fond of social life, has problems both in consumption of alcohol and in sleeping order. Insomnia slows down metabolism, it makes you lose weight because it causes your body to take care of itself. The success of human relations in Libra also manifests itself in sporting activities. Especially for two-person sports, tennis, squash, dancing, chess is ideal for Libra.

Libra, which should pay particular attention to the lower part of the back, should take daily water consumption to control the kidneys in order to ensure their running and sufficiency. If the sensitive kidneys do not work well, it will cause the body to pay. Swelling may occur in the eyes, hands and feet especially when you wake up in the morning.

Support with treatments made with trace elements that have no side effects, also known as Oligoterapi, will be very effective in ensuring balance of metabolism of Libra. Trace elements are often found in certain foods and can also be used as capsules. Placing fruit in the feed especially prevents the Libra from becoming fat. Libra, which satisfies sugar need by taking fructose from fruits, can make a more balanced diet. In addition, due to his fondness for rich foods, Libas usually suffer from cholesterol problems. Curing apple plays a serious role in this balance. It is a very important condition for the Libra to continue if you have at least one meal to appeal to the taste of the tastes in the diets made for weight loss.

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