Libra Character


(September 23 – October 22)

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The Libra Zodiac symbolizes the seventh stage of human evolution as the seventh sign of the zodiac. Libra, associated with marriage and partnership, symbolizes all the people who are actually in front of the individual. Libra is responsible for the balance between the individual and society. Libra is to find the balance between ambition and reason, which is essential. The most important characteristic that has helped in this quest is the objectivity of the judicial mechanism. Libra sometimes seems to be distant, cold, and emotionless, but it actually takes this view source to be objective.

It is not afraid to pass the scale, which is a bastion of pioneering quality. Libra tries to achieve its purpose with a strong will, although it is strongly needed by others to be loved and approved. Generally, it does not hesitate to use its charm and appeal to reach its goals. When these methods do not work, Libra can be aggressive. These changes in behavior patterns help the opposite party to be surprised and the Libra to gain control from scratch. If he believes that he has achieved anything he can achieve, or that he can do no more, Libra will not hesitate to draw a new path to himself without leaving his or her mind or purpose as it is, without any explanation. Like the scales of the symbol, the Libra also tries to measure, weigh and balance. In human relations, too, they want to behave fairly to create this balance.

The bilateral relations in Libra life continue until the birth of the wife, where he can see his own reflection, seeking a wife who completes his own deficiencies. Sharing is the basic impulse. He first looks at the scales that perceive his experiences as intellectually, then his practical value, his emotional influences and his physical needs. By imagining every experience, it evaluates solutions, such as an intelligence game. Libra is difficult to understand from the outside, but it is passionate, loveless and romantic. However, it is also a matter of frustration with the balance that can not find intellectual dimension in their relations.

The social competence and beauty planet The Libra at the control of Venus gains emotional, physical and psychological satisfaction from all kinds of beauty. Books, music, beautiful clothes, jewelery, flowers, art objects are things that you value. Libra may become a source of unhappiness if it is not esthetically adequate with the environment in which it lives. Social life and relationships for Libra are quite easy with the innate elegance and diplomatic skill. In the social environment, the group fills the center without making any major effort. It becomes a sought-after, loved, and counted person. However, he may not be able to use these abilities effectively in difficult situations or when he is reluctant. When peace and harmony is lacking in life, serious problems can arise both in physical and in spiritual health.

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