Libra Career


(September 23 – October 22)

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Despite having difficulty in making decisions due to multidimensional thinking, Libra certainly puts his decisions into practice and succeeds. Justice and sense of right also attract attention in business life. Libra loves to lead because of his pioneering qualities, and he does his best to deserve it. Libra, a member of the air element, is socially very lively and influential. Their communicational talents, natural courtesies and diplomas rely on being loved and appreciated in business life. Libra, the basic need for harmony and peaceful spiritual serenity, takes care to stay as far away from contests as possible in discussions in business life. It does not mean that this is not an entry. But it has a structure that prefer to manipulate even its competitors strategically and elegantly.

Working with a partner with a partner who completes the points you see lacking in yourself is ideal for Libra. The skill of human relations is to make efforts to find balance, especially to take responsibilities like mediator, mediator in business life. The importance he attaches to his aesthetic values and external appearance helps him to attract attention physically in business life and to use his charm for connections. Libra’s office is decorated with refined furnishings and beautiful, personally reflective objects. Libra prefers to have fresh flowers in the office and to welcome guests with quality drinks.

Due to its diplomatic structure, mediator characteristics, Libra can achieve serious success in politics. In addition, the sense of right and justice helps both academicians and actively successful and satisfying within the developmental legal system. The value it gives to human relationships and its natural ability in this area also make it stand out in such professions as counseling, psychology and psychiatry.

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Character | Career | Money | Love | Sex | Health | Diet & Fitness | Gift Selection

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