Less sleep at night Losses

Less sleep at night Losses

Less sleep at night Loss And Negative Side Effects

Do not sacrifice your sleep. Each person has to sleep as long as necessary in accordance with its own structure. This situation also changed for many people, experts have claimed that the minimum duration of sleep should be at least 7 hours.

So regularly sleeping 7 hours or less in which diseases and health problems, such as what can be seen?

Here are the harmful effects occurring continuously sleeps enough …

Experts talk about health problems that may occur when sleep is more sacrifices to make do with less sleep disrupts our health said.
Long sleepers, those who need more time to work, mostly in the desire to shorten the duration of sleep; However, the sleep time is not possible to reduce beyond a certain proportion. Experiments have shown that to be content with less sleep disrupts our health. Sleep enough to sleep badly affecting primarily our memory and learning capacity, makes our body more vulnerable to disease.

Sleep, eat, this time with only water to drink and emphasizing that it is an indispensable requirement for our body like breathing sleep time according to the information given by expert professors in the sleep world vary from person to person under the influence of genetic factors 4 – varies between 11 hours. The best evidence for the existence of genetic exactly the same as that of each of the twins sleep time.

Sleep is essential for the formation of non-volatile memory

This time is determined from birth, that experts be able to change beyond certain limits, he says:

“Sleep is a period in our lives that should not be waived. One of the prerequisites of being healthy to healthy sleep. Therefore, it should not be seen as a period spent in vain in any age from infancy to sleep. We had to shorten the duration of sleep seen the results we are faced with unwanted symptoms of sleep deprivation. The most obvious result of the short-term lack of sleep, memory and learning capacity of our our badly affected, the point is to make it more open to learning disabilities and diseases withdrawal. In a study of college students, shortening the duration of a short period of time not been able to sleep the next day, fatigue experiments, fatigue, difficulty concentrating and memory disorders such complaints determined. Participants in the experiment, defeated in their need for sleep at inappropriate times, they fell asleep. You can not learn better to forgo the short sleep. sleep is essential for the formation of non-volatile memory.”

Sleep, eat, drink water, an indispensable requirement for organisms such as breathing. Hungry and thirsty to live it is impossible to live without sleep impossible.

of experiments in which people are deprived of sleep for a long time is usually 3 – could make up to 4 days, experts said they fell asleep for a short time involuntarily as he continued as follows:

“There seems to be more frequent and prolonged episodes of sleep sleepless time when extended. Sleep deprivation experiments, after 3 days of tension, nervousness, not knowing when, hallucinations, stuttering, speaking arises symptoms such incomprehension. Then, trembling hands, burning and pain in the body, vision problems are. Could be performed in humans to date, the long-term sleep deprivation experiments were performed in the US with a college student 11 days. Students who try, observed that after the deterioration of the relationship with reality, similar to entering a clinical experiment was terminated insomnia psychosis. Similar animal studies have resulted in death at the end of the different time periods according to the species.”

We sleep 8 hours

The survey conducted in the world, experts tell the community the majority of 75 percent of that has turned out to be 7-8 hours sleep habits for doctors gives the following information:

“Napoleon is known to many celebrities such as Churchill’s short sleep duration. But the number of changes in a short time non-state function the next day that is not a lot of sleep. Countries of the world, only 10 percent of society, it is known that sustain life with a sleeping less than 6 hours. Speaking of short sleepers weekdays 6 hours sleep, the sleep time at the end of week 8 – 10 hours of sleep you need to leave extending beyond compensating for evaluation. 8 hours longer than the sleeper, a short time is a little more common in the community than the sleeping, the proportion rises to 15 percent.”

Continuously little sleep Health Hazards What are?

Add the distraction of sleep, to be more tired, it leads to more eating and increases the risk of accidents.

Major sleep with some exceptions, not the same sex. You take a rope and accurate as something that makes you feel great when the time comes. Perhaps most important of these, sleep, similar to your boss. It becomes more palatable when they are disturbed.

Add the distraction of sleep, to be more tired, it leads to more eating and increases the risk of accidents. Also, make yourself tired, aging and increases the risk of making choices (say you’re tired prepare smoked salmon, rather than double cheeseburger income find it easier).

If you have problems with sleep apnea, it may not be enough, even if you need to sleep 8 hours sleep because how much divided regenerative REM sleep and slow wave sleep, you can not get enough. Sleeping pills, TV addict neurons by stopping harmful effects can be seen in the long term because it is a good idea as it may seem to the addictive nature of work in the short term.

Less sleep Losses

According to research conducted by scientists of the world’s least 7 hours of sleep increases the risk of heart attack ….
As a result of research scientists of the world, they stressed that less than 7 hours of sleep at night increases the risk of heart attack. Night less slept the sleep of the brain to the rest of the time it was thought, it is pointed out that a wrong thought, to sleep, “the brain and body rest, an important process that engaged in self-repair and treating business” definition did.

Brain research done on the electrical structure, during the sleep of the mind, at least show that runs up in the period vigilant pointing scientists, sleep duration of 500 people between 35-47 years and drew attention to a study on vascular health. According to the study of sleep scientists, 27 percent of the subjects least sleeping 5 hours at night stating that vascular calcification is detected, the information brought with it the risk of heart disease, vascular calcification “of an adult person per day It has to sleep at least 7 hours. 7 hours sleep time of 5 hours or more heart and those who minimize the risk of losing their lives due to vascular problems, 7 hours two-fold increase compared to dormant” he warned.

Second sleep is harmful

Scientists, while falling asleep again after waking up in the morning, reported that destroyed the repairs made in the body overnight. The first light of the sun space in the body secretion of the hormone melatonin that tells scientists that protects the body’s biological clock, giving the information that sets the rhythm of this hormone, “Our biological clock operates according to its own rules. Back to sleep after waking up in the morning request is due to the habit and laziness. This wont beat the person up to 10 days in himself much more will feel vigorous,” he said.

The proposal nap

Noon, 11:00 and 13:30 hours will improve the performance of the worker pointing harmony among experts, politicians, especially those working as overly hectic and stressful work schedule naps in me that would be very useful. Scientists, former US President Bill Clinton that regularly sleep at noon, afternoon nap between the sample showed that given to workers at some companies in the Far East.

For a healthy sleep

Scientists, for a healthy sleep, “Just go to bed when you feel drowsy,” he recommends. Notable experts to take a warm shower before going to bed relaxing effect, light sleep, they stressed the need to create a suitable environment in terms of heat and sound. Expert scientists, just before sleep, eat and be eaten cookie, suggesting the purchase of drugs, he said: “Sleep before coffee, tea, alcohol and cigarettes. Make regular exercise after the mid-day or afternoon. But Avoid intense exercise. Use the mental or physical relaxation methods. Avoid heavy meals before bedtime and fluid consumption. Use the bed only for sleeping. Do activities like watching TV in bed. Create yourself a regular wake-up phase.”

What are the disadvantages of lack of sleep?

What are the benefits of sleep loss less sleep and less sleep loss

According to the Daily Telegraph reported that the myth of sleep people get older they need less faith were reported.

Experts in the field of sleep and memory from the University of California Prof. Sean Drummond said that the lack of sleep actually need to sleep so that one of the reasons young people aged memory decline in the elderly, he noted.

Professor Drummond reported that lead to a false belief that the needs of the difficulty of sleep less sleep like the elderly.

Protect the Sleep Time

American Association for the Advancement of Scientific protect Drummond speaking at a meeting of the 35-year sleep time “age-related decline in cognition” may help to prevent and told me it would be a positive contribution to overall health.

Quality Falling

A person’s 35-year-old sleep time by 75-year-old sleep duration of Drummond that you need to be the same “People have difficulty was old, fit and they think that it’s no longer a sign that they need less sleep. In fact, other events. The quality of the old, that sleep duration may be reduced but must protect,” he said.

Affect Memory

Professor Drummond average age of 68 with the brain’s ability to work in his study on the lack of sleep was determined that significantly affect the elderly. Remember the list of names given to them are sleeping less among those surveyed suffering more difficulties emerged.

Ideally Duration 7-8 hours

“They think they can manage with less sleep, but memory tests, people say the opposite,” said Drummond said that the normal 7-8 hours of sleep a day. Drummond “6 hours less sleep affects the ability to remember and jobs,” he said.

Drummond get older because your body that changes in the 24hour rhythm that they sleep better at night with daytime sleepiness in the elderly fragmentary told traction lead to difficulty sleeping.

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