Kids Kiss From Lips 10 Damage

Kids Kiss From Lips 10 Damage

It is very important and valuable for every parents. During the pregnancy period, the parents wait impatiently for the day they take their sons.

Until the moment of birth, the baby can only touch, cuddle and kiss when it is only emotionally loveable.

For babies, tender contact with mother and father after delivery is very important. The baby feels safe with this touchy touch, hugging and kissing. When babies and children have kissable red cheeks, soft hands, hair, why do we prefer to kiss them on the dirt.

Mom, who kisses your child on the lips, loves her more. Of course no. In fact, if the parents love their children and do not want to harm them physically or spiritually, they should, on the contrary, have to keep them from their lips.

The killing of children on the ground can damage them in many ways:

1. Because the immune system is still weak, the child is more likely to be infected and more often exposed to the microbe
2. It can be exposed to serious infections such as herpes, pimples, gingivitis, which are especially dangerous for infants and children.
3. While it is told that children have special districts and that no one should allow them to touch this zone, the parents’ child’s murder is a contradiction in the child’s mind.
4. The child who is kissed from the dad by his parents does not object to anyone else kissing him from his mouth. Because it is the right thing for parents to do for their children.
5. For this reason, children can not protect themselves from harassment, abuse and even rape by malicious people, even if they can not understand that their behavior is bad and harmful
6. Your father’s boyfriend, your mother’s girlfriend’s motherfucking pussy, the confusion of sexual identity in the child, the different sexual preference in the future, can lead to danger such as not accepting your own sexual role
7. Your father’s daughter may cause a mismatch between the mother and the father in the future, which is not correct. A child who is kissed in this way may also experience difficulties in his own marriage and sexual life.
8. Because kidding kidding involves some symmetry in the child to call for adult sexuality, the child will both be confused and his development will be negatively affected.
9. If the child who is kissed by his parents by his parents, his friend in school, and the guest who comes home get up this way, this child is in a disadvantaged position for his social mood.
10. A child who is kidding in the midst of infancy and childhood may experience developmental, social and emotional problems during adolescence and adulthood.

Kiss our kids and kiss plenty. But not from his mouth, his pop, his hips. Kiss your cheeks with your hands.

The Most Important Habits That All Mothers and Fathers Should Give to Their Children !!

  • Do not kiss your children on their lips.
  • Waitress uncle is angry now look aunt will be angry now Do not make an image that everyone can be angry with you.
  • Do not strengthen the ties between strangers by telling them to sit next to your uncle in the luggage of the carpenter.
  • If you are a relative, do not send your child any toilet.
  • If you do not want to kiss yourself, do not be angry with him.
  • Do not scare your child with stuff like that, car babysit the naughty kids, uncle doctors.
  • No one can touch his body unless he wants it.
  • Do not cross the red light next to your child as the road is empty.
  • Do not cross the traffic gate instead of the overpass just to make sure the road is empty.
  • Do not drink a liter of coke and say it’s too harmful (do not lose faith).
  • Do not read books, newspapers, magazines, do not scold him for your child reading.
  • Do not label your child’s positive / negative labels.
  • Teach by explaining, not scaring.
  • Make eye contact while talking to your child.
  • You will say CISSS, tell him the truth about what he can understand.
  • MOTHER-FATHER is not a friend.
  • Do not judge humiliation and never compare (each child is specific).
  • Hold it wide, do not forget that the boy who takes the love from you is less likely to go out.
  • Respond as you ask, do not write epic.
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