It will be a bit fast but; New Developer Version of Android Published on Android O

It will be a bit fast but; New Developer Version of Android Published on Android O

While a significant portion of Android device users have not yet been able to start using Android 7.0 as a stable and stable version, Google has released the preview version of the Android O named developer, which is expected to be version 8.0 of Android.

The crazy horrors will not be changed as Android users are getting used to seeing every Android update now. In this release, Google will take steps to increase the stability and current user experience of more devices, which is obvious to many devices.

The new version is currently available as a developer preview only and will be available for Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel, and Pixel XL devices targeting Android developers.

Future Innovations with Android O

So what will Android users get with this update, which is probably called Android Oreo? Changes such as the figure badge, the new notification system and the Google Pixel interface will appear for visually impersonated apps.

At the bottom of the bonnet, improvements will be made to MediaRecorder API enhancements, Google Now integrated with intelligent text selection, and power consumption reduction in the background. In addition to all these, it is stated that fundamental changes will be made in the settings menu.

You know the position, it’s unlikely to see exactly what’s going to happen in such releases until the developer version enters the crawl period. It will also be clear what features we will have with Android O in the near future.

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