Infants Causes Transfer?

Infants Causes Transfer?

Especially the new birthing mothers who experienced colleagues do not know, but they know that in this regard there is also a risk that almost most babies and need to be considered.

What is referred Children

First, let’s learn about the symptoms and not to try again a few more friends to you. 6 months – common in children between the age of 5, the center of the seizures during a fire caused by reasons other than the central nervous system “Febrile convulsions” is called. Seen in this age group makes up about half of epileptic seizures. The prevalence of 3% – 4, and most often 18 – 22 months arises. It is more frequent in boys than girls.

Symptoms of the transfer: Decision why the child is unconscious body stiffens, her eyes turns, would arm tremors and bacaklardav percent. A few minutes later the crisis is over, the child breathes aloud, relax and sleep. Most times of crisis, a slight hardening, a few concussions, the weak die to fall, unconsciousness occurs in the form of a very short period of time and not able to understand what had transfer.

These lightweight crisis is proof that the overthrow of the child’s eyes lost consciousness. Transfer the appearance is frightening but not dangerous. Transfer is necessary to reduce the fire a boy. On the covers should be removed, made a 10-minute warm bath, bath should be repeated several times if necessary, to torbasıkoy ice, solutions will also work to wrap a wet towel. inflammatories such as paracetamol and aspirin can be used.

The doctor made complete if there is something missing when it comes to the crisis to be overcome drug data. After the crisis, doctors usually remove the child to the hospital, because you need to make some tests.

The reason for fever in these assays is required. Mostly nasopharyngitis or flu like fever is caused by a harmless but sometimes it can be very serious infections have emerged as a result. (Urinary tract infection, meningitis, etc.)

Transfer in a boy, they must take measures to prevent recurrence again. When the fire is out, immediate action should be as mentioned above, it should be given drugs against fire. This is sometimes Valium also added. (Given in the form of oral drops 3 times) Valium when used correctly, is safe and very normal medication. You can consult your doctor about this.

Prolonged, severe crisis among children, inadequate fire exits, the measures may be taken. Doctors can give a treatment will last up to 1 year in children in such situations.

This is under the age of 1 and a 10-15 minute crises are applied to children with epilepsy in children undergoing or family.

Transfer of the crisis is very scary, why not the child’s parents are very worried even bother to hospital. But after the crisis, the child resumes normal life.

Fire cause is so just transfer s permanent recurrent seizures in epilepsy conversion mentioned 4%. for the emergence of fire-induced transfer which may show such a prognosis is usually applies the following criteria:

Epilepsy in family
Revised brain lesion before
After the first transfer to be seen before the age of 1 or 4 years
Passing several times during the same infection transfer
More than three transfer history
Permanent EEG findings

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