Incorrect Relations Between Women and Men

Incorrect Relations Between Women and Men

In the context of the mistakes that women and men made most often in relation to one another, the obvious mistakes that can be seen with such hands are actually limited. The point of life’s meeting of dreams is that a woman’s desire to dominate a man can ruin the natural structure of a man, but you can ask the world to rule the sun as long as the senses are in front of the planet. The most beautiful tomorrows will be waiting for you as long as you can convince yourself that a vast sea will not retreat to the shore. One of the biggest mistakes made in a relationship is that the concept of pride is more emphasized.

No one wants to be played with pride, and for this reason, men and women in general can oppose each other on opposite polarities. But it must never be forgotten that the loving hearts will never be proud. Another subject is the concept of jealousy. The concept of jealousy is often caused by lack of confidence today, compared to past times. I can count on how sincere I trust your eyes to the eyes of your loved ones, and there is always a doubt in your eyes when you are not at your side. It is also understood from the statement that “today is not the male nation”, it can be understood clearly and clearly or from the statement “it is not the woman nation.”

Although the concept of love is a universal concept, we can say that the whole concept of universality disappears when this concept enters into two people. In fact, there is nothing that changes in people’s surroundings, but because people need a constant need for creation, they just want to be next to the thing that makes them most happy. For couples who believe that the whole world is turning around, the disappearance of environmental factors can lead couples to fight, to debate, and even to departure.

People who have been accustomed to the happy ending of their childhood since childhood can often say that they are more relaxed because they often think of the relationship they live in for this cause and believe they will end with a happy ending. In fact, if mistakes are made in relation to one another, they should not be brought to a serious dimension. Because respect is always lasting where love ends, but when respect is over, nobody can talk about love. Now close your eyes and imagine yourself collecting the sea stars landing on a vast sea coast and throwing them into the sea. Maybe you can not save all of them, but you will be grateful that you can save them. This is actually a relationship in a relationship.

Faults always come to the fore with the lack of jealousy and trust, and unfortunately there are couples today that even proudly call the words “jealousy” and “trust” and serve them in different cases. You may love a person you love, but you can start by respecting yourself first. Because as long as you are honorable to yourself, be sure that you will never be lovers.

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