How wide-hipped women should be dressed

How wide-hipped women should be dressed

Out of sight of the wide hips should they wear what they wear broad-hipped women. Also they need to resort to various tricks to it.

● Large areas of the most important trick to hide their preference in that area goes from dark colors.

● Therefore, pants, skirts, your color choice when choosing clothes like tights must be dark tones.

● in the upper part light clothing will be no problem if you prefer.

● Especially if you choose to turn off the hip of long tights top and you must choose.

● Salas or long sweaters, T-shirts and cardigans will help you a lot in this regard.

● Attention with accessories that you can choose a large bag and pulled the bag you hide your hips.

● Another accessory you can use will be thick belts.

● In the elections should choose clothes chest under bollaşan dresses.

● The dress that you should stay away from the fish.

● So there will be no factors that might draw attention to your hips.

● The choice on the outskirts of the bell or flared skirts will also be your greatest savior.

● heeled shoes should choose their preferred models.

● That he will wear high-heeled shoes that will look nice if both the long leg length will show both above your hips.

How wide-hipped women should be dressed 2

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