How To Stop Foot Smell?

How To Stop Foot Smell?

Foot odor is undesirable odors. We may even come to the top of unwanted smells. There are many ways to prevent smell. Using lavender oil, keeping the feet in circulating water, spreading shoes to the relief smell is some of the ways to prevent foot odor.

How To Prevent Foot Smell

In order to prevent this unwanted smell, it is necessary to first prevent sweating. If sweating is prevented, the smell is also prevented. Because the bacteria that provide the smell live in sweaty environments.

  • Avoid wearing tight shoes that will first give you sweating to get rid of foot odor. Shoes that are thick can also provide sweating. So avoid wearing these clothes.
  • To get a smell of foot, you can pour mineral water in your soda from the night. Wait till the next day. Mineral water will prevent the smell a bit.
  • Using Vaseline yada cream will also help prevent a piece of smell.
  • Be careful not to have mushrooms in your feet to avoid the smell. If you wear someone else’s shoes, the rate of fungal growth increases. For this reason, do not use someone else’s stuff.
  • Do not forget to change your socks. Change socks often.
  • Put a ball of naphthalene into your shoes at night to prevent foot odor. Sober up your naphthalene shoes. In this way you can prevent foot odor.
  • If you have calluses on your feet, rub your skin with a callus after the shower.
  • Before sleeping, wash your feet and powder with talcum powder. This will also prevent sweating and therefore smell.
  • Once you have showered, dry your feet thoroughly and do not let them remain moist.
  • If you leave the shoes in the sun after removing your shoes, the sun will prevent bacteria from forming on your shoes.
  • If you keep your shoes one night sprinkling relief, this will help prevent it. The next day clean shoes with a cloth.
  • In addition, sweating areas can be wiped with carbonate and baby powder to prevent this unwanted smell. Soak a piece of cotton candy and wipe your feet with carbonate after showering.

    Natural solution to foot odor!

  • After boiling black tea, wait for 10 minutes until you are able to put your feet back on the rest. Then delete it. This is another method.
  • Sage leaves also prevent smell. For this you can squeeze the sage leaves into your shoes.
  • Pour a few drops of vinegar into some water and wash your shoes with this water. This way you can prevent smell.
  • Take a tea spoon salt into a glass of boiling water. After the water has cooled down, wash your feet in the morning and in the evening with this water.
  • You can rub your sweaty feet with lemon juice.
  • 1 liter of water 2 tablespoons yellow centaur plant is thrown away and this water and sweaty feet can be washed.

    Apple Circle Against Foot Odor!

    One way of getting rid of foot odor is the apple crossover. Pour hot water in the temperature that your feet can withstand. Add 1.5 cups of apple juice. Keep your feet in this water for 10-15 minutes. Wash your feet with soap to pass the vinegar smell. You can repeat this method once every 3-4 days.

    How Does Foot Smell Pass With Lavender Oil?

    One of the answers to how the foot odor passes is to use lavender oil. The method of use is quite simple. Put an amount of warm water in a jug. Drop a few drops of lavender oil into the water. Keep your feet in this water for 15-20 minutes. Repeat this twice a day for 3 days. Besides the prevention of foot odor with lavender oil, the harmful bacteria on the feet also die.

    Mosquitoes in the face of foot odor!

    According to recent researches made, an interesting testimony was found. It has emerged that some kind of mosquito repellent prevents foot odor and prevents mosquitoes from approaching the person. The mosquitoes, which are dangerous and bite people according to the work done on many people who smell feet, do not come to the people who smell their feet and they do not bite people who smell their feet. This is among the interesting findings about foot odor.

    What are the causes of Foot Smell?

    In daily life, many people sweat for many reasons. While high temperatures cause sweating in the summer months, winter dresses are among the main reasons for wearing sweat to prevent cold. Particularly, sweat glands frequently sweat in areas where the sweat glands work intensively, such as the armpits, feet, hands, genital area. But some people’s sweating does not concern the warming of the air. Hormones, inherent causes, excitement and adrenalin are among the causes of sweating. During adolescence, young people often sweat. These sweats also cause the formation of unwanted odors such as foot odor.

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