How to prevent underarm odor

How to prevent underarm odor

Sweat odor is one of the problems that most adversely affect people’s social life. Sweating, which is very healthy for the body, begins to disturb you as you start to smell. But the smell of sweat is something that can be controlled. Here are the ways to avoid underarm smell.

Sweating is a body phenomenon that purifies the body from toxins and protects the salt balance. Sweating takes place entirely outside our will. Although the sweat is actually colorless and odorless, bacteria emit a bad odor by proliferation in hot and humid environment.

Exercising to exercise as it may cause hot air to sweat can cause nervous stress or emotional causes. In addition, caffeinated beverages, spicy foods, such as onion garlic foods can increase the sweat of people.


Showering should be done at least every 2 days, even if you can not get a shower every day to prevent underarm odor.

Those who do not use deodorant or those with such problems may prefer rolls produced from salt minerals sold in transit.

One of the most common mistakes is to think that deodorants prevent sweating. Deodorants can not prevent sweating. But it reduces the generation of bacteria by providing a deep acidic structure.

Deodorants in people who sweat excessively do not have much effect. In such cases, aluminum-containing preparations commonly referred to as antiperspirants may be used. These are trapped in sweat sweat glands.

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