How to have natural full lips?

How to have natural full lips?

7 Steps Natural Full Lips

Having beautiful, sweet and full lips is the dream of many people. Don’t worry if you don’t have lips full of self – follow these quick steps and get bigger air kisses.

Step 1 – Make Peeling

This simple step can make a lot of difference. Take a soft toothbrush and gently brush your lips with a lip gloss or lip brush. Doing so does not only help the blood circulation, but also helps your lips look healthier and fuller. Throwing all the cracked and dead skin will help the lips look better, visually reflecting the light.

Step 2 – Smart Line

When choosing a lip liner, be sure to choose a nude or a natural one. Draw a line in the middle of your lip and join it with your natural lipline as you move towards the corners. Fill your lips with a pen after you draw the line. This will help your lipstick color last longer.

Step 3 – Mint Freshness

Mint is just great to freshen our breath. It can also help you have full lips. Mix a small amount of mint oil with your lip gloss and apply it to your lips. As your blood circulation improves, your lips will mature. Remember, adding a little oil provides long-lasting durability. Do not add too much to your lips to create an irritating or allergic reaction.

Step 4 – Lip Contouring

This is a small number that makes a big difference. Using a small eyeshadow brush and bronzer, create a shadow illusion under the lower lip line. Mix and enjoy instant plump.

Step 5 – Read the Eros

Lightly highlight the area on your lip’s Eros arrow, using a lighter shade of your favorite highlighter, foundation, or powder than your natural skin tone. This will give you the look that your lips are larger and full.

Step 6 – Layer Top Layer

A single layer of lipstick is not enough to really create a dimension on your lips. Add a few extra layers and see how quickly your lips are full. To give them extra depth, apply a slightly darker lipstick to the center of your lips. This application visually gives them more volume.

Step 7 – Use the Shine

Apply lip gloss to the top of your lips – Hollywood makeup artists always do so!


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