How should you dress up to look weak?

How should you dress up to look weak?

How should Dressed For More Low Seems?

Wear heels

High heels are the best friends we women. They succeed in many things for us; There appear sexy, we seem long, it helps us appear weak.

Dress appropriately for body size

It is important to look in the mirror to see your body size. When dressing, you must instead draw attention to the smallest of the body. E.g; Attention plugging your waist thinner belt can take it to the region.

Avoid horizontal lines and large print

If your goal is to look weaker should definitely stay away from the horizontal line. They show you the more overweight you are. The same is true for large patterns.

We give style tips for you 7 poorly… You also preferred to wear, because it can appear even thinner…

Did you know that you are doing the right kombinleriyle will look weaker? If you want to look slimmer, high waist pants, striped top and nude colors to make space in your closet!

Black and navy kombinleyerek the

One of the favorite color of blue spring-summer season, when the combination of black and looks very elegant entertainment helps you appear to be weaker than both.

Use belts Blazer Jackets

Spring summer blazer jacket on the podium in the railway arches were frequently encountered, both the elegant posture of our favorite show weaker because the body. Flashy belts, blazers doubled its simple elegance folding shows you thinner.

How should you dress up to look weak1

High waist pants

High-waisted pants and show you wrap the waist thinner. a basic T-shirt showing love this miracle pants longer than the legs, you can also combine it by if you want a stylish shirt.

Use only Nude tones

Dress the same color from head to toe, it always shows a more elegant and subtle. Especially in nude colors, dark tones and gray will be your biggest help in this regard.

Nude heels

Nude-colored heels are an essential part of every woman’s wardrobe. Just these shoes that adapt to any style, showing that the longer your legs will help you appear weak.

How should you dress up to look weak2

Vertical lines

Vertical stripes clothes, causing you to be a little weaker illusion shows. You can use the form at the top or bottom one-piece dress with vertical stripes that you find your imperfect body. If you want to create a more subtle look, you can combine it still a vertical striped skirt and a striped shirt.

Long overcoats and raincoats

long coats, which is one of the most popular trends of the winter season, showing more long and lean when you’re on the right kombinlen. You also long trench coat or denim skinny jeans as your Rihanna and can wrap up a refined and elegant by combining it with a stiletto.

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