How do you melt your belly for 15 minutes a day

How do you melt your belly for 15 minutes a day

Today was a problem with altogether unbalanced body structure urbanization began with an unhealthy diet. The most difficult area to the belly, how much can melt the heart of a simple, what you should do.

How to Melt Fat in the abdomen

Oils made in the abdominal area is a difficult situation for many people. They stand for the flaccid state that contraction of muscles and disturbs people. If you have a little more weight if the lubrication Taking circles around the heart to the heart, the heart will make it difficult to move once early fatigue, situations occur such as shortness of breath.

As a result of the accumulation of excess fat in the abdomen, making it difficult to breathe pushing up the diaphragm, it disrupts the balance of the body.

Lubrication in the abdominal area is no longer seen in any age, but in some cases it is increasing, for example, women born in the continuous still living, excessive and unbalanced nutrition, hereditary conditions so they can be factors.

It holds an important place in the diet naturally trying to reduce their abdominal fat. Dietary patterns practiced in slimming diets, this will help to burn fat. Feeding system therein should be as follows; Learn before you need to reduce calories by 40%. Body slimming food intake does not meet the spending power will be seen.

How to Melt Fat in the abdomen

The largest part of the sugar and starchy foods generate because it is very important to reduce calories with them. If the body does not enter the body sugar and fat in the body makes glucose from starch products and other foods. (Sugar diabetes patients receiving result is an example of continual weakening of the day)

Body burning proteins have the energy to him first, and then stores the sugar part due to the recent oil burn body fat. Therefore, stay away from sugar and protein food is increasing starchy s place.

Nutrition after care is also in some very simple exercises done regularly and carefully melt the fat of the situation.

To exercise various tissues, organs, strengthening, muscle work, layout, gives elasticity. Exercise keeps bones are tight. Good work of the muscles expand the diameter breathing, improves blood circulation. While exercise increases heart rate and blood circulation is normal because this is important.

The average daily calorie requirement of 2,000 calories, especially housewives (excluding moms). Make you subtract the amount of calories you spent fits tightly into the 4000 calories with exercise, the body will use stored fat for energy needed, and you will be able to come to if you want.

An important point; If your body when starting to exercise without straining yourself before you heat the body is not accustomed to such a move, because sudden movements can cause some problems. They do like that he walked before kıprıd for your location, your back gently left and right, turn back and forth, arms forward, backward, right, left, giving heat curves.

If the abdominal muscles exercises,

1-) Your legs, both hands tried to take out a towel as you hold tight and make it at least 10 times.

2-) Lie on your back, your arms sideways release opening two. Try to lift your legs upward tightly stretched and the adjacent hold. Our legs bend your knees and pull your stomach in the abdomen line thoroughly. Repeat this movement at least 10 times.

3-) As you sit on the floor with your back straight. Raise your arms. Then slowly you head to the ground or touches. The screen without bending your knees and sit up again, taking the whole force abdominal muscles and your hands forward until you or just touching the tip of your toes. Repeat this movement at least 10 times.

This movement will not even take you 15 minutes, but it is necessary to do regularly. If try to walk at least 4 km a day if you have the opportunity to walk.

Please note that the waist of the athletes is very thin, this feature is not innate, three links to be fast, to hurry back, abdomen and waist is associated with all the features of being able to jump well. In most waist and abdomen abdominal athletes run on very small amounts of fat accumulate in it.

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