Hibiscus Flower Usefulness and Losses

Hibiscus Flower Usefulness and Losses

Hibiscus Benefits and Losses

The hibiscus plant, also known as the Jamaican rose, is a plant species typical of Jamaica, Central America and the Caribbean. Hibiscus, which is consumed in the form of tea mixed with ginger in these regions, is very useful. The hibiscus plant, also known as sour tea, is used in different health sectors as green plant although it is consumed as tea in general in our country. Because of the lack of caffeine in the body, excessive amounts of vitamins K and C, the benefits of hibiscus are generally related to immune system and skeletal system diseases.

Hibiscus benefits

1) It is very important to balance blood pressure and regulate blood pressure among the benefits of hibiscus. Due to the regulation of the proportion of minerals in the blood, the risk of hypertension is minimized and thus the prevention of blood pressure diseases also contributes.

2) The hibiscus plant that regulates blood sugar must be consumed to reduce the effects of type 2 diabetes. It is among the benefits of hibiscus that the blood pressure is regulated and blood sugar is regulated and the risk of type 2 diabetes patients is minimized.

3) As with every nutrient, antioxidants and hibiscus, which strengthen the immune system, have different antioxidant properties than other nutrients. Thanks to these antioxidants, the immune system is strong, and the most effective alternative medicine is to destroy the toxins that accumulate in the liver.

4) There is also a cholesterol regulation between the fact that the fat ratio is close to zero and the benefits of the known hibiscus with burning of the fat in the liver. People with high cholesterol are told to consume fresh hibiscus.

5) Hibiscus, which contains the active substance of selenium which enables the synthesis of gastric enzymes, ensures the digestive enzymes that are present in the skin with this active substance are secreted in a healthy manner. It also protects the acid and base balance in the stomach and prevents stomach irritation.

6) Hypiscus, which also prevents the growth of heart disease, also minimizes the risk of cardiovascular diseases and vascular stiffness. It also helps you maintain a healthy cardiovascular system by preventing the accumulation of toxins that cause vascular occlusion.

7) Hibiscus, which also prevents cancer cells from spreading and also reduces the cancer cells, is antioxidant, reducing cancer risk to a minimum risk ratio.

8) Because of the fat burning ability and the low fat rate, it is recommended that those who want to lose weight continuously drink hibiscus tea during the weight loss phase.

How to prepare Hibiskus Creek?

Since hibiscus has a sour taste that we are not familiar with as a raw food, it is necessary to prepare the tea and add different foods to the tea to make it both beneficial and drinkable. For this reason, during the boiling of the hibiscus flower, cinnamon, lemon juice, ginger, basil, etc. You can use sugar or honey to sweeten the ingredients. After boiling for 15 minutes, the hibiscus tea, which you can drink and drain by cooling down, can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 days after boiling.

Hibiscus Losses

There are side effects as well as benefits of hibiscus. Within these side effects;

1) It is not advisable for pregnant women to consume hibiscus flowers or drink their tea because of the active ingredients that can lead to a decline during pregnancy.

2) The active substances in the milk of the mother who is breastfeeding need to drink hibiscus tea during the breastfeeding period because they pass through the immune system infants.

3) Patients who use continuous blood pressure pills may be at risk because regular drinking of hibiscus tea may interact with these pills. For this reason, patients who take the pill continuously should not drink hibiscus tea.

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