Hazards of Chemical Weapons

Hazards of Chemical Weapons

Chemical weapons are often harmful compounds that lead to death or serious harm to human health. These compounds are usually used for military purposes to the paralysis of the nervous system (nerve gas); temporary blindness, deafness, paralysis or vomiting; The skin, causing severe burns to the eyes or difficulty in breathing.
Smoke and leaves used chemical bombs used in order to confuse the enemy or to hide from the enemy in order to determine the location of enemy tides and tides are considered chemical weapons in the grass.

The use of chemical weapons, prohibiting them despite the decision of the Hague Conference has gained importance as the first World War. 1915 -18 toxic gases developed between the Germans began to be used repeatedly made by the states of the conflict in a short time. In January 1915 the Germans did not succeed the first time with the chlorine gas used against the Russians in Poland, but on April 22 the Flanders’ have gained a tactical victory beyond their expectations when they use the same gas against the British and French.

On top of the Entente states also have produced a hand in developing protective equipment and respirators while the chlorine gas. Shortly after the Germans uncover a deadly gas phosgene and the inert gas rounds with the ball Entente states have also developed the same weapons and gas masks were making a superior. In 1917 the Germans had used a gas that is extremely poisonous mustard gas against the British and caused the death of thousands of people. In 1918, both sides have used this toxic substance to a large extent.

In the interwar period league of nations under the leadership of the Geneva Protocol (1925) was made more comprehensive bans it. However, new chemical weapons during the 2nd World War the development of new routes of administration, such as the aerial bombardment has been used extensively. This war has produced the two sides largely protective device.

The use of chemical weapons in the future we must be prepared for the possibility of a war. I wonder how can we protect ourselves against these weapons? Armoured vehicles and careers are almost or completely closed until today to leak gas. But just take protective measures, such as outdoors soldiers or civilians must descend to the shelter if you have to. Tool will take further action to destroy the gas is down.

Poison gas attack creates an intimidating psychological shock effect. Attack could come any moment my fear, or panic caused by the bombardment made the alarm and piled around the soldiers who had been affected by the sad image of gas is added. Time gas shot against the enemy retreat to safety requires a multidisciplinary education. Protective clothing and masks are boring. it is impossible to talk with others. Hands touched something. steamed windows of the mask. Breathing becomes difficult. The slightest effort human fatigue, something to eat even impossible. Tight dress and return to the oven once inside reeks of human perspiration. Gas bombing of a union acting under the terms of mobility in Europe is estimated to lose to the extent of 40% to 20%. Under the terms of the Middle East, this rate will be much higher. Moreover, after my form up for days because of the permanence of the union even some gas should remove this equipment.


Nerve poisons: Respiratory or passes into the body through the skin. They stopped the cholinesterase activity regulates muscle movement, runny nose people poisoned them, chest tightness, eye growth events of the baby is seen.

Which prevent the movement: These gases, which are generally used for the alleviation of emetic generating confusion and tears.

Choking on: These gases are immediately lead to irritation of the respiratory tract.

Blood poisons: It is absorbed through inhalation. It prevents the activity of cytochrome oxidase, which is a blood enzyme.

Bubble-makers: The first effects will occur with redness and blisters around the eyes. They can pass through the respiratory system and affects the blood cells remain in toxic levels clothes and steam for days.

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