Happiest Country in the World

Happiest Country in the World

World’s Happiest Countries Announced

2016 World Happiness Report, communities to help them be healthier and more effective with the idea he embodies the concept of happiness. While the calculation of the amount of happiness, the country’s per capita Gross domestic, social support, life, life, freedom and corruption rate basis taken. According to the experts said in the territories of happiness rate effect of these factors is very large.

Last year, his first in the list located in Iceland, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Western European countries such as Denmark and Sweden were the small and medium size is one of the happiest countries.

Also in Australia, Canada and Switzerland are among the countries happy.

Now let us see why this country happy.


● The world’s in this country where people from all across all languages and religions with people talking are accepted.

● In fact, so much of the world in countries where there is no diversity of the happiest people could be called admirable.

New Zeland:

● In New Zealand, bribery, corruption, money laundering events are practically excluded.

● This aspect, along with Denmark 1.sıra share in world rankings.

● People who live in the pristine natural areas, which make up only 5% of New Zealand.


● Sweden is one of Scandinavia’s most developed countries; the quality of education, technology, and is one of the developed countries in many areas.


● Netherlands cheerful, helpful, is one of the happiest people in the country with residents.


● Finnish bath, reindeers, glacial lakes, lily flower, forests, is one of the countries rated by the Helsinki city and culture.

● Although cold country, though sympathetic people, among the happiest countries in terms of educational quality comes first three.


● Canada is one of the places where the least experienced of race and class discrimination; In respect of holding the forefront of social relations, one of the happy people of his country.

● People from all over the world they live happily ever after with a wonderful nature.


● Norway is one of the rare and do not have any ideology that promotes the rule of law in the country.

● Article 2 of the Constitution of Norway: “The right to apply to live in religion freely is connected to everyone living in the country” is located where the phrase has.

● So we can say that freedom of the country.

● Therefore, the Norwegian people are entering the country the world’s happiest people group.


● Both economic prosperity, in terms of respect for the values of the people in both Denmark ranks as the happiest country in the category of the head.

● Almost all of the money you find on the ground in Denmark According to research while touching the money delivered to the owner, this ratio is 50% in other countries.


● Icelandic volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, a famous country with Iceland, enjoy the space of the same culture and the same thing for the country to receive immigration has a ring.

● Among the happiest countries in the world because it is too much complicated.


● Switzerland, famous for its invention of scientists, banking and finance industry in the eyes of the world’s happiest country.

● Apart from these countries, Thailand, China and Macedonia happiness rates are increasing among most countries.

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