Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits

The benefits of green tea

Green miracle health tea.

The first use of tea is information about Green BC. Goes 3000 years.

The story is a tea leaf fell into boiling water in front of the Emperor of China, Green, and then has become the most popular beverage in the region.

After 5000 years from now, nowadays, almost all over the world as a phenomenon cholesterol tea Green scour problem in order to treat many different dental health are being used.
As you can imagine the most popular use to accelerate weight loss also.

More research on the benefits of tea in cancer prevention and Green in the last 15-20 years yavaslatma on the impact the propagation of cancer cells, although there is some scientific research that it lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, protects from diabetes, and dementia in the direction of helps to burn fat to slow down there are consequences.

It is a powerful antioxidant
Provides protection against cancer
It is good for heart health
Lowers blood pressure
Prevents cavities
Provides protection against gum disease
Speeds up the metabolism
Helps to lose weight
Strengthens the immune system


Green to prepare tea herbal teas other than that you don’t have to follow a different path. For a cup of tea is one teaspoon (5 G) dried tea leaf Green will suffice. It’s crucial that you use well water, so you can enjoy the taste of tea. Boil the water, turn the heat off and wait for about 4-5 minutes. The water subsided and the bubbles on the glass after it has cooled a little, pour the tea, you place a filter over Green. Let rest for 2-3 minutes the longer you might be a little bitter the taste of tea. Emptying the glass full of water to the point that need attention because tea best brewed with water that is 80-85 degrees in boiling Green.


Large-scale human groups, research with promising results against cancer and heart health benefits of tea use Green in the field. However, the majority of this research Green used on a daily basis are Asian countries where tea originated from. The people who participated in this research from the Western society to consume more fish and soy in cooking because it uses reveals the possibility that different results might be obtained. The main point is the junction of the scientific community Green powerful antioxidant effects of tea, clean up free radicals that cause various diseases and the spread of diseases.

Green tea and weight loss: Slimming tea Tea of the research on the effect on Green Green suppress the feeling of hunger, increase metabolism, and accumulation by breaking down oil with strong antioxidant effects that were an obstacle to results. Tea Green preventing lubrication especially in the lumbar region in this way, the risk of heart attack decreases. Of course, Green Tea to lose weight alone is not enough. Regular exercise and a controlled diet of calories consumed in order to increase impact it is necessary to follow.

Green hypertension and Tea: Situated among the main causes of hypertension and secreted by the kidneys, angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE angiotensin converting enzyme) effects of tea can be mitigated with Green. Accordingly, the blood pressure at a normal level for it to become regular tea consumption and heart attack it is possible to reduce your risk of stroke Green. Have been done on animals and humans, and published in the research Green Green tea extract tea was used as as not.

Green cholesterol and Tea: The accumulation of LDL cholesterol which leads to atherosclerosis also known as Green tea which helps prevent thrombosis, reduces the risk of embolism is seen due to abnormal blood clotting.

Green Antioxidant Effects Of Tea: Green catechin in tea, which is an antioxidant, DNA damage, cancer, blood clots, and accelerates the removal of free radicals that contribute to serious diseases such as atherosclerosis. These antioxidants black tea tea tea leaves because is more concentrated in less Green Green is being processed.

Green cancer and Tea: Studies on humans reveals that drinking 2 cups of tea per day inhibits the development of cancer Green. However, these studies are still regarded as quite inadequate for the number of.

In the first study; 1. and 2. 500 Japanese women with stage breast cancer are reviewed. According to results of the study, pre-operative and post-green determined that increased tea consumption decreases the rate of recurrence of cancer.

In China tea-drinking in other research Green stomach cancer, esophagus cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, and to reduce the risk of developing colorectal cancer obtained.

Finally, Green consuming 2 cups of tea per day the risk of developing lung cancer by 18% to a decrease of the result of the study in this area is designated as 22.

Green dental health and Tea: Which is the main cause of tooth decay forming bacteria and plaque accumulate on the surface of teeth where regular tea consumption can be reduced as a result of various studies Green have been published in scientific journals. Green Tea to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, such as gum disease has been used for many years as an effective method in the struggle with.


Green has also been an increase with the date when tea became so popular in legend. Some sources of accidental Green tea leaf fell into boiling water indicated that about 5000 years ago, while the Emperor of China named Shen nung, the owner of this water is a peasant named it is not clear that Non Shei or shine. Maybe Green the first introduction of tea is completely different, but apparently we won’t know it clearly.

In ancient China, only tea Green were used. Green Tea is semi-fermented Oolong tea and black tea is produced by fermenting produced when full, was discovered too late in the process. In that period, Green only fresh tea leaves and boiling water was used.

MS. 600-900 years between the time of the Tang Dynasty, “Lu Yu” which is written by “Cha Jing – the classic of tea book” tea that contains the most detailed information about the history of Green source. In this book the tea houses of the period are given information about where the tea was and the best that can be purchased from describes.

Green was introduced to Japan in 800 years tea Sencha, Matcha and Bancha tea as the source of the famous Japanese such as is shown. MS Greentea into Europe with the arrival of the next 1600 years.

Situated among today’s most popular beverages, Tea is the second most consumed beverage after water Green.


Bancha Tea
Chun Hao Tea
Dao Ren Tea
Dragon Well Tea
Genmaicha Tea
Gyokuro Tea
Hojicha Tea
Kia Hua Long Ding Tea
Kukicha Tea
Matcha Tea
Sencha Tea
White Monkey Tea
Green Tea Side Effects

Heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney problems, liver problems, stomach ulcers must not consume tea, those with psychological disorders and anxiety, and Green. Anemia, diabetes, glaucoma, or osteoporosis should consult a doctor before using tea extract Green or people with diseases. Pregnant and nursing women should also refrain from drinking tea Green. Tea consumption Green extreme irritability, sleeplessness, heart palpitations, dizziness may result. Because it contains caffeine in some people, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, and loss of appetite can cause.

Green tea may interact with the following medicines, and undesirable effects can reduce or increase sizes. If you are taking these medicines you should consult your doctor before drinking tea Green.

Drugs regulating heart rhythm
Beta-lactam antibiotics
Diazepam (Valium) and lorazepam anxiety medications such as
High blood pressure and heart pills
Blood thinners and aspirin
Chemotherapy drugs
Clozapine (Clozaril)
Some antibiotics
Birth control pills


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