Google put coding languages for kids on its homepage today

Google put coding languages for kids on its homepage today

Google has placed coding languages for children on its main page today. Google met users this morning with a surprise Doodle. Making special designs for special occasions, Google has not forgotten the 50th year of children’s code writing. Here is a surprise game that will attract children.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the first introduction of children’s programming languages into the world during the Computer Science Education Week. Google has not forgotten this special day and created a surprise design on its page.


Much before the personal computer, in the 1960s Seymour Papert and MIT researchers developed Logo, the first coding language designed for children. With the Logo, children programmed the movement of a turtle, giving them the opportunity to create new ideas in mathematics and science. Papert and his colleagues thought that computers could eventually be used as a powerful tool for learning by all students.

They saw that coding was a way to improve themselves with a powerful, modern and everywhere technology for children.

With Scratch, children can create their own interactive stories, games and animations using coding blocks as they are in today’s Doodles.

They can also share their projects with millions of children across the globe in the online community.

Google shows how to write code by playing games with the surprising Doodle for kids.

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    Erfolgreiche seite passt alles ich hoffe das viele leute lesen und kommentieren…


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