Google bought YouTube for this time!

Google bought YouTube for this time!

Google is targeting YouTube has taken an important purchase more signatures!

Google announced that it had announced on the famebit. Famebit, “marketing platform for branded content” is defined. This definition was a bit more cryptic, so let’s open this definition a bit for you.

For a long time, YouTube channels not only from advertising, but also in making money by partnering with brands who want to connect with the audience of the channel. Most of the time means to place items into the video. A free game, drink soda during a sponsored video, sponsored things like fly a drone. Sometimes eating a chocolate without specifying that it is sponsored, they can be forced to do things like play a game.

Most of this revenue source for content producers, at least Google’s advertising program has become so important case. taking famebit Google plans to make it more stable sources of income of the YouTube channel. Thus, while content producers and sponsors will be more confident when advertising. Of course, Google with this new order, the economy will have increased control over Youtube.

Google, in his own statement: “Content producers will continue to have the right to choose all the time, and thanks to this new service we offer will have a lot of choices. We hope that they can work seamlessly through famebit about being in direct relationship with the brand and sponsorship partnership for content producers, “he says…

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