Google AdSense Launches 3 New Ads!

Google AdSense Launches 3 New Ads!

Google AdSense today serves 3 new ad units to bring the user experience that publishers have to the next level. All of the Google AdSense publishers will be able to start using the new ad models, called Matched content, In-feed ads and In-stream ads, as of today, without country restriction. AdSense, which announces the improvements made today on its blog, says that publishing new advertising models serves three main purposes.

According to AdSense’s blog posting, new ad models will easily adapt to the look of the site by offering a great user experience. Moreover, high resolution, wide titles and explanations will make it easier than ever to take care of your eyes.

Google has also worked on cross-compliance on new ad units. New ad units from computer to mobile and mobilden tablets will work in full compliance with all screen resolutions. Broadcasters will easily be able to shape the ad units they create over their own panes according to their own systems and preferences. So what are our 3 new light ball advertising models and how will they work briefly?

Matched Content

Google AdSense Launches 3 New Ads!

Although Google AdSense shows between new ad units, the Matched Content unit will not be an ad unit that provides direct revenue to the publisher. The Matched Content unit will provide relevant and remarkable content on Webmasters’ sites. With this new unit, Google thinks that content can be promoted more effectively to visitors on their internet sites and increase page view rates. Placing content units matched according to Google’s recommendations to the sidebar of the site or to the end of content may help to achieve the best performance.

Local In-Feed Ads

Google AdSense Launches 3 New Ads!

When you see the feed, please keep in mind that AdSense is not receiving email feeds or RSS feed ads from scratch. Local In-feed ads; At the beginning of the content in the content stream or at the end of the content stream. The stream of content that you know is called Feed… These ads, which will be preferred by publishers who do not want to leave the user experience untouched while earning more revenue than their content, will be ads that appear to be content on a kind of content feed on our site.

Google AdSense Launches 3 New Ads!

Local In-Feed Ads will soon become one of the most popular ad units of AdSense publishers. Local In-Feed Ads, working as mobile-sensitive, will work in tandem with users’ navigation behavior within the site, and will be able to personalize the publisher ad unit to get the best view on their site. For designs that want to use feed ads, the feed width will have to be wider than 250 pixels.

In-line Ads

In-line Ads will be the new AdSense ad unit that can be added to the paragraph section of your content. By adapting to the fonts and paragraphs, these ad units will come out with a design that is more specific but does not degrade the user experience. Especially if many publishers are thinking of choosing paragraphs in the ad placement, if new in-line ads are used with appropriate optimizations, they can have a serious say in revenue.

Google AdSense Launches 3 New Ads!

If you want to instantly try any of the In-page Ads, Local In-Stream Ads, or Matched Content ad units, you can make your choice by clicking on the “New Ad Unit” button after switching to the My ads -> Content -> Ad Units menu in your AdSense panel.

We’ll also get your comment about how you find new units 🙂

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