Good Rights of Airline Passengers do not know!

Good Rights of Airline Passengers do not know!

do not know if the rights that those who travel by plane, airline companies can try to hide them. a certain amount of passengers to claim compensation in case of delays the delayed flight plan to ask for money, and want money for damage caused by such changes has rights.

“It does not know well the rights of those who travel by plane, the airlines hide them, or even try to make a glaze. Indeed, the experience is constant. Airlines that keep some secrets from you, you wonder?

Why Do Airplanes Delay

After the delay of the aircraft to be very different reasons. This condition can be caused by the airline; density at the airport, for technical reasons, even a marching band to jam the luggage loaded on the plane can be a sufficient reason for a long delay.

time delay of the aircraft and in which the rights of passengers would have by this time depends on the United Nations only institution in the world International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Accordingly, the terms of the regulations in many countries is carried out by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Do not settle with the hotel and food!

According to various rights of passengers experienced delays in cases delay in time for international flights or domestic nature. For example, in outline, without compelling reasons 4 hours, you are entitled to compensation from the airline in the 2 hours delay on the domestic nature. But the company rather than to deal with these details, the new flight plan, albeit delayed passengers prefer to engage. In some cases, they’d take the step to meet the needs of food and beverage, and communications. They direct you to the hotel for accommodation. However, these issues must do the airlines do not forget that you deserve more.

Restricted / Promotional Ticket Trap

non-promotional, your flight restrictions your free ticket can be canceled up to 24 hours. But while many passengers fares, the cheapest airlines that try to choose and also does not contain the necessary warnings sold tickets from the class described as limited or promotion. If you learn the truth that while you can get tickets from the ticket stored regular classroom by a small margin. When you have a normal class ticket you can cancel tickets a week in advance prior to the flight plan change or flight 24 hours. But the price of all kinds of promotional tickets must be paid in case of flight delay if requested by the passenger.

Overbook injustice of

Especially considering the possibility of peak periods to avoid flight some passengers even though the book, they refer to the company “overbook” so be careful if you are booking more than counterparts. If you’re on the plane taking the boarding pass and he makes a nuisance if you do not negotiate with airlines to abandon the flight, you can postpone your flight with the best offer. However, if you are having difficulty in getting the boarding pass due to overbook, the situation is changing. Without losing time, you do not cook the aircraft door company staff to search for your rights before you know to break the head, you can not get anything. If you miss your flight due to more bookings must certify definitely the case to call your legal rights. The secret is hidden in the certification business…

Money for the desired delayed luggage

lost or delayed baggage issue from the beginning of the most experienced passenger problem is located. Let’s say you go to a city to a city and you learn that your baggage loaded onto the aircraft with you. Necessary procedures were performed and airline officials will deliver your luggage message to the address after a day of your stay. Do not settle for just the first information, the condition of the building certification. The second issue is money request will be delayed until the day to meet your needs. Depending on the case will try to convince you with numbers like 100 dollars per day. If you do not insist, however, this is hidden from you. If you put in front of the documents to certify your situation, including the need for particular clothing you can get higher figures. For example, if you need to attend that evening tuxedos or a ceremony with a good team, you will demand a certain figure. Be persistent. Or they give them or receive your compensation needs.

Flight Plan Amendment Become Awake

Welcome to the Airport and company officials said would take place in connection with the direct flight you make. Or their flight is canceled, but said they would blow you away with another airline. Do not accept the offer immediately. Question What can give your extra privileges. At least you have the right to ask for damages arising flight plan with the changes, do not forget. If you insist that staff will already have some suggestions.

Being the current situation that delayed

The airline is taken or not in the hands of the airports is inevitable delays resulting from the suspension of passenger rights. If the flight is experiencing unfavorable weather conditions in the country to do (snow, storms, fog, floods, frost), all kinds of obstacles flights adverse weather conditions there is, if there is a problem in the strike and airport ground services, if blocked by the air traffic in the country, if there is risk of terrorist action, unusual due to the political situation, or if the security baggage, passenger, or if the plane was delayed about a search done right does not apply.

Here are your rights

-1,500 kilometers (inclusive) for two hours or more for the domestic flights,

-1500-3500 km (included) for three hours or more for all flights inside and outside,

-3500 km. If you expect to be delayed for more than four hours or more flights den;

Airline company;

-If the delay is between two to three hours, reasonably hot and cold drinks,

-If the delay is between three to five hours, depending on the time of day or eat breakfast with hot and cold drinks,

-Five hours later and hot and cold drinks in the delay, breakfast or lunch depending on time of day, is obliged to offer additional hot and cold drinks and additional light dinner break.

In case of flight delays in the next day or days;

-Hotel or accommodation in a convenient accommodations must provide transportation between the airport and place of accommodation.

In addition, regardless of the delay, while two phone calls without restrictions, must be given a fax message or email service.

If there is still at least five hours of the delay;

-Travel was planned and carried out the passenger is not part of the trip is complete no longer a case of having the means,

-all part of the fare for the realization of the trip later be returned within seven days at the price it was purchased,

It will also allow passengers to travel to return to the original starting point should be provided at the earliest opportunity of a return flight.

Flight performers air transport business, pre-flight check (check-in) during the process, used throughout the world including the rights of English and each passenger’s door boarding text counter or aircraft from the country’s language, hang announcement that people can be asked and the specified point if the claims are obliged to provide the text of passengers .

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