Get Google Training Certification with Digital Workshop

Get Google Training Certification with Digital Workshop

Improve your digital knowledge

Free courses on everything from search engine advertising to social media use to boost your career.

Google has created a digital workshop by creating a really big innovation. Even if you do not have any internet knowledge with this digital workshop, you can access many topics from building a website to digital marketing. If you complete these trainings successfully, we will give you a Google Certificate.

In order to take advantage of Google’s Digital Workshop activities, you must first have a Google account. When you log in with your Google account, you can choose the lessons that are divided into many topics. Most of these lessons are video content and texts are the same as video content, so you can take lessons. At the end of each course, the tests are available and if you pass these tests, you can pass the other courses.

Google has thought of every detail in this training system and it has encouraged them to train them by offering small surprises to keep the motivation of the trainees high. You can think of what these trainings will do. You can put these certifications in your background, apply for a job or use it comfortably for your career.

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