Foods that cause gas in mom and baby

Foods that cause gas in mom and baby

The mother and the baby foods that give you gas

Every mother’s and father’s nightmare because of the issue of unrest in the baby and lack of sleep gas which is actually the solution you have stored with us. Of nursing mothers to stay away from foods that cause the gas to be, both in themselves and in infants, has led to different problems. No matter what we do, our food and our drinks, our baby’s cry because of this gas I suggest you look if they can. Own both parents who both consider the recommendations of our baby the babies baby make sure that you work with this method if it will work if I had other problems…

The most essential nutrients that are required for the new-born baby is mother’s milk to be healthy. Mothers only breast milk for at least 6 months regularly after 2 years, they need to feed their babies with breast milk and other foods. This was written centuries ago in today’s medical as well as the books that it is possible to see both. Now I’ll focus on the foods that cause gas. Mothers, mothers from passing to the baby from mother’s milk to eat or drink the foods you consume has to be careful. Both the baby and your mother ate certain foods that can cause gas. The baby’s digestive system is more sensitive and yet, this feels a lot more gas pains.

And while we’re at it again, baby, mother’s milk is essential to the healthy development of the digestive system of the stomach and intestines. If you neglect to mother’s milk, your baby’s digestive system growth is similar to the fruit maturing, and the child that suffer problems throughout his life.

And breastfeeding mothers stay away from gas problems should eat foods which are to be affected or at least not in the way, which one should avoid?

The foods that cause gas in babies and their mothers:

● Dry beans, broad beans, and legumes such as peas,
● Fried, oily and spicy food,
● Dairy products, especially mom and is sensitive to lactose, ○ cappuccino, latte, milkshake, whipped cream and custard must not consume sweets.
● Nuts, nuts such as peanuts,
● Whole foods, drinks containing caffeine is that Coffee
● Always ready with food feeding the baby, and the baby swallow air while sucking
● Onions, Chocolate, All carbonated drinks, soda, tea
● Smoking or stay in a smoking environment
● Ready fruit juice freshly squeezed seasonal fruit juices to drink.
If you have a B12 deficiency and vitamin D supplements should be taken necessarily.
● Contains high in calories, fat, famous, and sugary foods should be avoided.
● Cauliflower, broccoli, leeks, and vegetables such as cabbage,
● Orange, lemon, plum, apricot, pear, peach and dried fruits such as grapefruit creates the same effect as the versions of these fruits.
● Consume less of fruits and vegetables that cause gas, or the gas instead of non-food alternatives (citrus fruits, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, celery, mushrooms, cooked fruits and vegetables) will significantly reduce the formation of gas.
● High fiber containing sugar and potatoes, corn, and whole grain breads can cause gas. After boiled the potato, you can reduce a little robbed that is the cause of gas shells. Gas rice and wheat bran non-starch room.

Baby Massage For Gas

1. Squeeze the ointment approximately 1cm in length to Massage the gas in your hand.
2. By opening your hand and stand parallel to the ribs downwards starting from the bottom of the baby’s body rub. Apply this movement 6 times.
3. By printing two knees bend and your wife wait 6 seconds.
4. As both legs move against the pull it down, keeping it straight and rub.
5. Your baby on your stomach with your left hand from the top, circling the moon, rub in a circular motion clockwise with your right hand from the bottom.
6. By printing two knees bend and your wife wait 6 seconds, and pull it back, keeping it straight rub.

The gas repeat the massage 3 times in succession, and during the day as they need to apply.

Correct, a healthy diet and regular gas can solve the problem greatly. The food alone is not the only reason bloating and gas formation. Foods to prevent the formation of gas outside of the well if you say that we should pay attention to another here are a few suggestions:

● Drink drinks using a straw can cause you to swallow air.
● Which leads then to chew gum constantly to swallow a lot of air it turns into gas.
● Hard candies and hard foods increases the amount of air swallowed.
● To digest food fast and hectic for putting too much strain can increase gas.
● Chew enough the food increases the burden of the stomach and intestines to digest.
● To act within days, the normal steps to walk close to half an hour helps to remove the gas.
● Frustrated, stressed and distressed lifestyle and excessive gas are among the reasons.

When Should I Go To The Doctor?

Nutritional changes and comply with the above criteria, although it did not disappear or decrease if your gas problem of gas duzeylere school or work will affect your life if you should definitely see a doctor. The problem is usually the gas does not indicate a major health problem in the mother and the baby, but despite those measures, gas is still a problem, if it can be a sign of a condition of the digestive system. The main cause of digestive diseases, full of vitamins and minerals essential for the body do not absorbed.

Your baby’s digestive system immune system strong if you want to be and definitely don’t forget the breast milk!

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