Feather Cat Losses

Feather Cat Losses

Loss of Cat Hair

The vast majority of people who want to feed your cat at home, a strange belief that somehow has become a tradition. The old ones and making assumptions that are certainly advocated by experts otherwise healthy animals are unfortunately unwanted or even abstinence requirement that people are pushed into the needed behavior… All of them especially we feel sorry for the people evaluating this way today. How can fold beautiful colors to their pets because our lives are so…

Is cat hair harmful?

Cat hairs harmful? Yes cat hairs harmful. But yet the maintenance and hosting of bacteria, raw meat eater, so the fact that vaccines are not fully in contact with the parasite and the parasite in a way that is harmful to the cat that got the feathers of laying out feathers. In such a situation we humans by inhalation within 24 hours we will have to expel parasites or if we touch the container mouth.

So how do they get this parasite are cats? For example, raw mouse eating a cat, no one would have taken the immunity before the toxoplasmosis parasite, excreted with the feces of parasite multiplies and after about 15 days. As we said thrown to the outside world in order to carry contagion risks these parasites must have spent 24 hours a day. 24 hours ago There is no infectious risks. Skip any interference with the stool of an infected cat, which can take about 20 days. Once a cat is infected because it was not any more immune.

Toxoplasma parasite

He will also pass from human toxoplasmosis parasite from cat dander necessarily there is no such condition. Soil nutrients we get in contact with the feces of the mites on the contamination of other animals is also possible condition. For example, sheep, cows, grazing animals such as cattle they receive during these parasites and beat well after uncooked meat also causes the people of the toxoplasma parasite. Another reason, however, contamination of vegetables and fruits that we get food through the soil and ingestion of these foods also causes us to take a good washing interference. Do this for two reasons and a pet bird’s feathers made all the care that we have right now does not count completely harmless?

Cat hair in Bulk

Does he make cyst cat hair?

Among the people we want to talk about more than a belief of the ignorant. Especially pregnant women, never having made any maintenance on a subject they study, they stay away from this sweet cat. Hair absorbs passes the baby when miscarriage, the baby dies in the womb… Themselves with many false reasons and excuses are constantly put more teminl and tense situation. Yet in all parasite vaccines it made a cat’s fur, what can it hurt? These ladies, they think they ingest through many bacterial respiratory sticking to the hair during the day.. Or when different subjects can receive many similar interference; cat dander is detrimental to understanding how they kapılıy really difficult to understand..

An important detail you need to jump, of course, it is not people who are allergic to cats and cat hair. In this case, along with being completely different situation from the position, which is allergic to cat dander what we say we want to emphasize that we keep all of these separately.

As a result

To summarize the conclusion of cat hair loss;

If the parasite-infected and tossed out of a cat licking itself the result with feces, feathers after 24 hours by contacting the parasites infect you if you take your hand and your mouth without washing hands;

If you have a cat that is in constant communication with the outside world again, that does not observe these cats out puts out what to eat and you’re getting home, we can consider the possibility of a way of grabbing parasites;

However, if you make noise at home and in a way we feed cats vaccinated again, you’ve raised the possibility of interference with constant If feeding raw meat or home cooking.

These factors increase the risk of parasites that can infect their stools rather pussy cats, but otherwise, that made all the treatments, the importance given to cleanliness, parasitic vaccines are not missed, and kibble fed at a house cat is absolutely no danger of parasitic infection. Plenty can lick and kiss plenty of times with a thousand colors on your life. Your children need to forget their lives. Please note that all children are growing up with a pet from having a lot more conscious and responsible.

The reasons mentioned above was a risk of getting infected cats. Apart from this, we must not forget the other factors, parasite transmitted from an animal the meat, the vegetables parasites that are transmitted to the same dangers that risk is much higher now after a good washing.

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