Family Counseling

Family Counseling

What is Family Counseling?

Family counseling refers to counseling services provided within the framework of the Family Law Act. Family counseling is primarily concerned with the relationships between individuals. Family relationships and disorders focus on both psychological and mental relationships of individuals and how these disorders develop and how the content of these disorders develop in society. The family counselor is helping people with problems in terms of relationships to be more comfortable during marriage, separation and divorce, over the problems of personal or person related to children and family.

Family counseling, hurt feelings, problems with you and your partner or with someone else in the family may be related to new life arrangements and problems with care and financial regulation of children. Family counseling is a problem experienced in the family, from the point of view of the self, the consultant, each of the people;

  • to listen to others with respect,
  • to see and understand the other’s point of view,
  • to talk about the problem,
  • to express their feelings and thoughts towards the others more clearly,
  • not to be hurtful towards others,
  • to accept others as they are,
  • helps others express their expectations clearly.
  • The issue of family counseling (family counseling) is not the individual who constitutes the family; the relationship between individuals, the nature of communication. The family counselor tries to reveal disconcerned aspects of family members’ relationships with each other and to ensure that family members see it.

    What are the Service Areas of Family Counseling?

  • Parental relationship and communication problems,
  • Parent and child relationships,
  • Conflicts,
  • Divorce processes,
  • Flirting and deception problems.
  • Family counseling differs from other counseling types because it focuses on the family system as a whole. The individual is not defined as problematic, but instead the problem of the family system is identified. Because it is necessary to look at the family as a whole to understand the functioning of relationships in the family system and the behavioral patterns of individuals. Family relationships are inevitably fed by the past and show a complex structure with a form of interaction within the family.

    The individual therapy focuses only on the individual who is thought to be “problematic” or has a problem. Therapy is carried out with the interaction between the individual and the therapist who has the problem. The target is the exchange of the individual. The exchange of the individual’s surroundings is achieved through the exchange of the individual.

    In family counseling (family counseling) sessions are conducted not only with one individual but with all the family members of the individual. In some cases there are core family members as well as large family members who act on the family (Example: grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, etc.) are invited to the sessions. In some cases, instead of the “problematic” individual, there are other members of the family on the floor, mostly parents / husbands and wives.

    The function of family counseling; such as the deaths affecting the whole family, the chronic illness, the separation of a family member from the family, as well as the problems between the individuals living in the family. Family counseling has clear and clear goals. Objectives; in addition to solving the problems the family is experiencing, it is also about acquiring new skills that will make it easier for family members to understand each other better and to be able to draw distinct and flexible boundaries.

    The immediate goal of the family counselor is to improve family communication and reduce conflict in the family, and the final goal is to make the family functional.

    In summary, family counseling tries to help members find solutions to their problems by providing them a comfortable and reassuring environment, by recognizing themselves and each other, by communicating with each other openly and sincerely.

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