Facebook Chat Output Divorce Increases

Facebook Chat Output Divorce Increases

Thanks to the Facebook Chat system, divorce rates have increased along with crime rates around the world. Generally speaking, the greatest Facebook chat environment for men. Here are the details;

Social sharing sites like Facebook, Twitter and chat rooms like Messenger are among the first reasons for divorce.

Couples now facebook as the reason for divorce after violence and deceit. World courts saying that divorce is a lot because of online deception, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger is in the first place for divorce reasons, “he said.

Innocent begins and ends badly

Recently, specialists noted that such divorces have increased greatly: `There are many people wanting to be divorced by saying they are deceived by chat environments like Facebook and MSN. Facebook`s putting photos of your spouses. At first, these conversations start with innocent feelings. But then it goes to the heart of it, it is getting out of the way. Friendship, starting with innocence, goes to deceit. ‘

Chatting on petitions

In case of the petitioners, the most common complaints are the video chat. Family court judges “They sleep their husbands and start to camera and talk. Priorities are low deception rates. Now everyone is talking on the phone with the phone. The family structure in the society has ruined internet and mobile phones. The internet and mobile phones are very good if they are used well, but these days it is usually started to be used in a bad way.

Facebook Fills the Associated Breakdown

Expert family physicians said clinical trials also revealed that social sharing and chat sites spoiled the couple. Family physician, `Computer games, virtual world causes couples to spend time separately. People in these types of places are looking for their childhood friends. The start of relations with a third person is making the couple’s relationship dangerous. Such sites even use dependency. It is important to emphasize why people refer to these types of sites, “The main problem is that such social networking is an element that fills the gap when there is a disconnect between couples.”

Chat Sites Suspect

Facebook, MSN chat rooms such as mates `Is there someone else in your life? Experts say that the problem brings with it, said that in this situation creates a problem of `confidence` in the relations. The family physician said, `Couples with unresolved problems may be uneasy even when their partners are at the computer for a long time. This situation may cause a serious opening between the couples after a while, “he said.

Same situation in USA and Europe

In a study conducted by the American-based Divorce Online, five thousand divorce petitions were examined at random. At least 20% of these petitions were made to Facebook at least once. Mark Keenan, who conducted the research, said `the majority of the divorce petitions were involved in disloyalty in Facebook`. A divorce lawyer who spoke to the British Guardian newspaper said, “Tortured housewives or husbands use their new technological means to find their first love and meet them in real life.”

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