Expedia, has created a directory on London Street Food

Expedia, has created a directory on London Street Food

Are you a Londoner or did you recently you will find in the capital of England? If you have a passion about food, London’s fresh and exciting flavors waiting to be discovered in the many streets!

street food varieties from Walthamstow in Lewisham to London Bridge from the capital is growing increasingly Wimbledon with different taste experiences from all corners of the world.

Located behind the passion for innovation and creative delicacies in London, it brings them to the world ranking; The street food very quickly reorients the city’s gastronomic and creative industries in the most exciting way.

Expedia Travel wizard, comprehensive on London’s best street food stalls, has prepared an interactive guide. The guide offers advice from Borough Market has become iconic places such as London’s east and south clues as to place the promising areas of accommodation and food bloggers and machine owners.

Once you find the kitchen you choose, the guide also has suggestions over what to do about the many different characteristics and corner in London. Take a look at the guide and start your journey around the unique flavor of the city!

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