Establishing Fantasy

Establishing Fantasy in Sexuality


It is necessary and necessary to build fantasy in sexuality, but to what extent?

There are so many different opinions and comments made by experts on this subject that it is incredible. In interpreting this, it is necessary to include the social life, past, religious and cultural items of that region, region or nation. So it is not what others have said, but the facts of people in their own country.

Hani say they either hang their sheep from their own bosom. I mean it when I say that, the real shame I know is: It is good to have a fantasy, a fantasy, and a life that is in place, on time, in accordance with the conditions, but if you do not exceed the limit, then you pay a heavy price for it.

Let us first stress a truth, contrary to what you might think, there are sexual fantasies in women, men sometimes come from ignoring it, women in general are little share in this matter. Usually they share them with close girl friends, they do not tell their husbands to their partners, because the men approach the women directly in this respect, they come to the conclusion, or as if they have experienced it before, they collapse the system with a few questions and then they blame the woman again for not adding anything.

In the end, we all dream, sometimes we remember, sometimes we do not remember, we sometimes dream of sexual innuendo to the most incredible. During these dreams there may be ejaculation – relief in both women and men. In men, it is known that late night spontaneous water (semen) is often the end of the erotic dreams they see. In females, they can see such dreams that result in orgasm.

Many people portray fantasy scenes in their minds when they masturbate, or use their imagination during sexual intercourse. These selected imaginary scenes are characteristic of enhancing sexual enthusiasm.

These dreams can sometimes be very clear, distinct and sometimes faint, the environment of the dream and person-persons can be real places and identities, or completely out of the real.
According to the famous Sexual Scientist Kinsey, women are more inclined to think about past experiences, to revive old memories. Men, on the other hand, imagine what they have not done in their lives and what they can not do except in dreams.

Need fantasies?

Every person who has sexual desire usually needs sexual fantasies, because sexual fantasies increase excitement, focus and make orgasm easier.
Fantasies are very helpful in stimulating sexual desire. Before entering the relationship, most people need to prepare themselves as a brain. We will do this by reviving sexual intercourse in our brain. You can start by imagining your partner’s closeness, warmth, touches. You can try to see the image of your partner’s face, eyes, lips in your head. It is very important that you only create physical images that you will enjoy.

Most people find that their sexual desires are not so quickly stimulated, especially as their age progresses or relationships mature. In these times fantasies can help.

Where are the limits, how far normal, where is the end dangerous?

Sexual fantasy is a sign of a healthy sexual life, but if you cross the border, it can also be a sign of sexual heresy! People and events in your fantasy scenes should be avoided if they will cause trouble for you even if you think about them later.

Relative love, friend, married husband and wife, closest friend, neighbor, etc. the fantasy of having sex with a close relative, then you look at your face and you say you are a comrade, a brother-in-law. Prostitution, rape, homosexuality, exposition, masochism, sadism, children, animals, related sexual fantasies or fantasies are not appropriate.
Because everything starts to think.
Nobody can limit the imaginary world, but even thinking how your closest friend thinks it is sexual fantasy about your partner or your daughter, is how disgusting and insecure it is.
Limit; you may be the ones who are not, your wife may be, but more and more will cause trouble, so the rest of you is left to you.

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